Aguada Fort Goa, 40 Years Old Beautiful Architecture

Aguada Fort Goa is located in Candolim, North Goa. It is a very popular place which is visited by many whoever visit Goa. Candolim is a very popular place, other than Aguada Fort there are many other tourist places nearby.

Visiting Goa? Looking for places to visit? Then put Aguada Fort goa on your list. Goa being a crowded place with beaches all around Aguada Fort is one place with major historic events.

History of  Aguada Fort Goa

In the year 1609, the Portuguese started building the Aguada Fort and completed in the year 1612, after three years of the starting. The Aguada Fort was built under the order of Viceroy Ruy Tavara.

The fort was built for guarding G against the Dutch and the Marathas, and then it became the most important and well-known fort in the 17th century.

The name Aguada meaning freshwater in Portuguese, and since the fort was located near the sea, the name was derived that way by the rulers.

Later in 1864, a four tired lighthouse was built inside the fort area for being an important mark to the ships passing by.

Top attractions of Aguada Fort:

The Fort has a lot to offer anyone who visits it.

The architecture it has is the Portuguese military form of style and manner. The fort was built with the laterite stone which was then found a lot in Goa.

The lighthouse is also a very attractive thing to notice in the fort, many people can click pictures, and also it will be like a one-time thing for anyone who has never seen a lighthouse other than in textbooks.

It also has prison cells in series which say o much about their way of giving justice or imprisoning people. It implies the historic events there.

There is a colossal water reservoir along with an ammunition room these are some top attractive places in the fort.

What are the visiting times of Aguada Fort and entry fees?

Aguada Fort is open every day from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. Also, there is Rs. 20 as entry fees for entering the lighthouse.

What foods one must try near the Aguada Fort?

Since Goa is a coastal area, the sea foods are a must-try. The crabs, prawns, and fishes. With alcohol being the very cheap one who likes consuming alcohol must try their alcohol.

They also serve hand made wine and beer, which are a must-try.

Coming back to food, the seafood is very cheap around and one must try that.

How to reach Aguada?

There are many transportations available like rental bikes, rented cars, cabs for reaching the Fort.

This place is 1kms away from Panjim bus stand, 4km from Candolim and 49km from Margao station.

Renting bikes can be easy for everyone as bikes are compatible if there are 2 people traveling or a group of people who like bikes and they are very cheap too and cabs can get costly but it depends on what who would prefer.

What are the exciting things you can here?

There are many attractive things you can enjoy near Aguada Fort Goa. This place is exciting to explore.

You can find electronic bike tours near Aguada fort in which you can join a group of other tourists and enjoy the bicycling in the Goa. The night clubs in and around Aguada fort Goa is one of the most happening places in Goa.

You also have so many places and beaches here. If you want to know a few of the places near this fort, here they are.

  • Coco Beach
  • The Cabo Palace
  • Goa State Museum
  • Lawrence Church

This place is one of the top places to visit in Goa especially for the architecture and the beauty of the fort.

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