The Legendary 550-year-old Anantapur Thimmamma Marrimanu

The 550-year-old Anantapur Thimmamma Marrimanu, the World’s Biggest Banyan Tree in Gutibayalu Village in Anantapur District. Anantapur is the largest district in Rayalaseema region in the State of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. The district headquarters of Anantapur District, is a combination of both city and village environments. Anantapur is a true destination of history, art, culture, and tradition.

Located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Kadiri, in the village of Gutibayalu in Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, the famous Thimmamma Marrimanu is an enormous banyan tree. Thimmamma Marrimanu is about 550-years-old and also covers a huge landscape of around 5 acres. It has almost 1100 roots which are spread across.

The name Thimmamma Marrimanu

The huge Thimmamma Marrimanu is named after Thimmamma who the local believe have committed the ritual sati which is an ancient custom where a the widow would be burnt or cremated alive along with the dead husband. It is also a belief that the tree has been originated from one of the poles which were used as the funeral pyre.

The word itself give the literal meaning of banyan tree, that is, marri means banyan and manu means tree

The Legend of Anantapur Thimmamma Marrimanu

The legend is that Thimmamma was born in 13th century to the couple Sennakka Venkatappa and Mangamma. The temple under this banyan tree is dedicated to Thimmamma as she has sacrificed herself as sati when her sick husband passed away.

The local childless couples also get blessings and offer pujas under the tree as they believe that if they do so, they will get blessed with kids.

The Thimmmamma Jatara (Carnival or local fiesta)

During shivaratri festival, a huge jatara is held. Jatara means a local carnival or fiesta. What happens on that day is the local people and devotees would visit the tree and offer puja and worship and get blessed.

Recognition as the World’s Biggest Banyan Tree

Thimmamma Marrimanu was recognized as the World’s Biggest Banyan Tree in the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 1989. Initially, it was noticed by Sathyanaryana Iyer who was a freelance journalist and a photographer from Bengaluru, Karnataka, INDIA. He was the one who made it famous and tried for the entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

In recognition to his efforts to have the tree get recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, Sathyanarayana Iyer’s name was also included in the book along with the the Banyan Tree.

Recently when it was watched on the satellite image throughout the southern part of India, it was observed that it appears to be an whole forest. However, on a deeper look, it was found that it is only one single banyan tree and looked like a forest in the satellite view.

The view of the Anantapur Thimmamma Marrimanu

The view throughout the journey is really amazing and you would enjoy each and every moment of it. The flourishing greenery is really astounding. The devotees whoever visit here would be lost in the amazing and peaceful thoughts.

It is also believed according to Indian mythology that this biggest tree in the world represents the trimurty Gods and includes Lord Vishnu, Lord Bramha, and Lord Shiva.

Best Time to visit Anantapur Thimmamma Marrimanu

The best time to visit Thimmamma Marrimanu is during the Indian Festival Shivarathri where a great carnival is held. You can visit it at anytime throughout the year.

The Food
As this is located out of the village and looks like a forest with a spread of 5 acres, finding food is a bit difficult. So, one need to carry adequate food and water for their trip.

The arrival to Anantapur Thimmamma Marrimanu

Thimmamma Marrimanu is easily accessible using all means of transportation. The nearest railway station is Kadiri. There are also a lot of public transport options available.

Ready to experience this natural wonder!! Ensure you carry an adequate water as well as plenty of food for your trip. Also remember to carry an extra batteries for your camera to capture the scenic beauty.

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