Anjuna Beach Goa, 30 Kms Extended Mesmerizing Beach

Goa is one of the most exciting tourist places for anybody. What are the places you should not miss when you visit Goa? We definitely say Anjuna Beach is a must-visit place when you are in Goa. Let us tell you why.  Anjuna Beach is located in a small village Anjuna, North Goa, it is also known as the freak capital of the world.

For spending a lazy day in Goa, people usually go to the Anjuna beach, it is a very well-known beach in Goa preferred by people.

Anjuna beach is known for its Wednesday flea market and the nightlife and parties there and also their water sports.

Is there a history to the Anjuna beach?

The Anjuna beach was just an unknown beach back in the ’50s, it was later found by a group of travelers in the 1960s.

Anjuna was juts a high and dry place with water splashing around, they came along and made it a party place or a hub.

It was also known by others for its culture-changing into the east and west type of parties and more like hippies and trance parties.

Things to do in Anjuna Beach 

Being it a beach and in Goa, is all in one. You can sunbathe, or just take a dip in the cold water, swim in it till a certain distance if you know swimming and also there will be lifeguards around if there be any issues at all.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays, there is a flea market held in Anjuna each of which is a very famous flea market in all of North Goa.  People must go there and look out for stuff they might like to shop at a very cheap price too. From shoes to jewelry, to beachwear, to clothes, and much more.

There are water sports on almost all the beaches in Goa, and so there are water sports at Anjuna beach too. There are a variety of water sports like parasailing, banana ride, simple sailing, water scooter, and more with high safety provided for anyone taking any rides.

The nightlife on the Anjuna beach is one of the best. They offer various drinks, cheap alcohol, and many food varieties too. The nightlife will have good music and ambiance and a quality party with no difficulties or so. Party animals would love being here. There are restaurants such as Nyex beach club, café Lilliput, club zero gravity and more along the beachside provide the ultimate nightlife.

There are beach shacks too providing comfort and ease alongside the beach such as curlies, shiva valley, café looda, shore bar, and more.

How to reach Anjuna beach?

Panjim is the main point in Goa from where every place is just as accessible so is Anjuna Beach. From Panjim Anjuna beach is 21 km away you can use rental bikes as they are in abundance in Goa and also come at very cheap rates, the bikes will be flexible too and open so that one can always watch nature through the raw eyes while traveling.

Or one can always rent a car if there are too many people like two or more families on a vacation then cars can be compatible too.

Foods to try in Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach has varieties of fishes available, in different forms of curries and fries in Indian style and also many other dishes of other cuisines too.

There is other seafood like crabs, squids, shrimps, and more. Not just these but also vegetarian foods like the vegetable stew and stuffed mushroom and more.

Anjuna beach also has cheap priced best alcohols which are a must-try. Goa is basically a hub for such drinks and foods at a cheap price almost in all restaurants around the beaches in Goa.

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