Arambol Beach Goa, 2.5 Km | Must Visit Tourist Place

The Arambol beach is located in North Goa, in Goa. The beach is a spectacular beach in Goa, it is as it is one of the many unexplored beaches in Goa. Goa is a hub of beaches, and Arambol is considered as the less crowded beaches in Goa.

Who does not want to go to the less crowded beaches for a calmer and serene view? The food, drinks, and shopping places are in abundance there, which makes the place even more exciting to visit.

It also has the Bohemian view and ambiance and hence tourists love this beach, it gives them the feel of a completely different place.

The Arambol beach Goa is more of a rocky beach, unlike many other sand beaches in Goa. It is also surrounded by forest and a lot of flora and fauna around. This beach also has many activities on the beach, like yoga classes, and more this is not usually seen on other beaches of Goa.

The Sweet Water Lake- Arambol Beach Goa

The sweet water lake is a famous lake which is right next to the beach, it is visited by all when they visit the Arambol beach Goa. The lake is known for its calm vicinity, and also for its sand, the white sand is known for its healing properties and also the lake is not deep and makes it safe for people to swim the calm and still water. There is also a hillock right next to it and also people do some paragliding and more near it. The lake attracts many people due to its sunbathing facilities and swimming facilities too.

The clear water too is very attractive, making it even better for people to feel comfortable amidst all the salty water in Goa.

Arambol Night Life

This beach hosts many night parties which makes it another point to be there. Parties amidst the lagoon, sweet water lake, and the beach is just a place anyone would want to be at!

The shacks and restaurants are known for their part holding skills and their nightlife, with great food and alcohol and other delicious drinks.

The vibe and ambiance are just perfect for anyone to the party, the whole night it is available to take a have a chilled beer on the shores and also to sleep under the sky with stars and on the soft sand.

How to reach Arambol beach?

Arambol beach Goa can be reached from rental bikes or cars, if you are in Panjim then you have to travel about 50kms from Panjim to reach the beach and from the Anjuna beach, it is about 30kms to reach this beach.

Next to the Arambol beach, Goa is the Kalacha beach which connected to the sweet water lake and one must go there.

Tips to follow for the Arambol beach

To the Arambol beach carry a good swimsuit for a better swimming experience there as the sweet water lake is best for swimming and also the beach.

Carry sunglasses for sunbathing and roaming. Roaming bare feet will be advised as the experience is very calming and soothing also one must carry hats and also loads of sunscreen to protect the skin and from getting tanned.

Also, the sunset is a must-see from the Arambol beach, it is considered to have the best view amongst the forest and water joining and then the sunset in that background is considered to be the best in all of Goa.

The Arbol beach has some restrictions in the beach area as the water could get deep and be unsafe for many.

The best time to visit the Arambol beach Goa is between November to March.

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