atithi devo bhava film evaluation – Romantic mental mystery movie ‘Aadi Saikumar’

atithi devo bhava film evaluation – Romantic mental mystery movie ‘Aadi Saikumar’

Romantic mental mystery movie ‘Aadi Saikumar’ starring ‘atithi devo bhava’. The movie stars Nuveksha, Rohini and Sapthagiri in different necessary roles and is directed by means of Polymera Nageshwar. Let’s check out this film that individuals got here up with all through the wallpaper season.

Abhay Ram (Aadi Saikumar) has had monophobia since early life. Loneliness method dying to him. Such an individual falls in love with the Vaishnava (Nuveksha). Did Vaishnavi make a mistake on this love adventure that resulted in her marriage? Did she admit it? What are the worst occasions in Abhi’s existence with monophobia? That is cinema.

Virtually each guy has some more or less phobia. In this society, persons are extra vulnerable to fears past monotheism. However, director Nageshwar has proven a small downside beneath a magnifying glass. Instead of that specialize in looking to do away with this, the tale escapes by means of appearing that the hero, Psychola, acted on that small flaw. In the second one part, appearing the starting place tale stretched all the way through the primary part. The hero who needs to be with anyone is sort of a milkman, a workaholic. The indisputable fact that Abhi does now not know the flaw does now not even persuade the boyfriend who has been with him for years. The maximum not unusual level is that the hero stumbles and delays the woman he loves with out with the ability to inform his errors, and sooner or later realizes it anyway and gives the look that he’s dishonest. However, this defect is somewhat new. Would were great if this factor have been proven to be utterly entertaining. But the vital motion was once combined and juiced. It is similar with the lavish combat filmed on the police station.

Medley questions within the minds of the target audience all through storytelling. The tale he wrote was once filmed and filmed, however there was once no common sense any place. There is no person particularly with the exception of the villain hiding inside of it. That’s a large minus. In this sort of mental mystery, the target audience would were glad if the hero had proven the issue. But the administrators made no such effort. So the movie went easily from starting to finish with none suspense.

There are a lot of sun shades within the function of Aadi Saikumar. They had been attempted to turn inferiority, however to no avail. Newcomer Nuveksha is lovely to take a look at. Dance could also be simple. But her personality went into complete regimen. Rohini carried out a exceptional efficiency a number of the artists. Very instinctively, she performed the function of a sober Aadi mom. One can to find some solace throughout the function of Saptagiri. Others are Raghu Karumanchi, Raviprakash, Adarsha Balakrishna, Navinareddy, Manichandan, Gundu Sudarshan. While Venugopal equipped the tale, Rajani equipped the screenplay and discussion. Conversations are herbal. Amarnath Bommireddy Photography is superb. As is the track of Shekhar Chandra. One or two songs are great to listen to and notice. Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar has composed excellent lyrics. In truth it might were great if this idea have been taken in only one and a part hours, taking the OTT under consideration.

Aadi Saikumar is lately doing six cinemas a minute. Do now not ten stones contact one? That could be his concept. But if a stone is located within the hand, it isn’t proper to make use of it. Though that is the primary movie for manufacturers Rajababu and Ashok Reddy Mirza, there’s no compromise in manufacturing. But their exhausting paintings will pay off. This is the cinema this is going to be a ‘visitor’ to the theater!

Plus issues

Minus level
A vulnerable tale
An spectacular article

Rating: 2.25 / 5

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