Avalabetta Hills Bangalore, 800 mts Excellent Hill Point

Avalabetta Hills is located in and around of Bangalore, it is a hill massively spread across with loads of greenery. Any adventure junkie would love to visit this place, to experience its cool breezy environment.

Are you a hill person more than a beach person? Then in and around Bangalore, Avalabetta Hills is the best place to go to not that far from the city, with not much crowd.

Nandi hills near Bangalore is very crowded at all time of the week and hence people who want to get away from any crowd at all may find their calmness and peace in Avalabetta

What People Say About Avalabetta Hills?

Some say that Avalabetta was like a painting abstract done by a painter as the real-world arrangement is a very uncanny way. The legends say that when the ocean was in rage and turmoil due to gods and devils then both the negative and positive beings spat out of it.

It is also believed that a cow was first landed on the mountain, as there are marks of the cow’s footprint on the rocks which are very visible even till today.

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What are the top attractions of Avalabetta?

The top most attractions of Avalabetta Hills are listed below  

  1. The hilltop is the first in the list, trekking until the hilltop is the best view with the clouds floating around and brushing through the face.

There is an abundance of greenery around which will make the trek worth it. To climb may sound difficult but the hilltop views are always the best thing to view and experience it all in one.

The view is with clouds and the downside of the hill with everything seeming very tiny.

2. Lakshmi Narasimha Temple is located at the top point of the hill, there is also a saying that offering cow milk to the shrine inside the temple helps their all wishes come true, and hence villagers around there go and offer cow’s milk pretty much all the time of the year.

The priest of that temple guides people with their questions about the hill and temple, he also explains it in detail to whoever asks him.

Why must people visit this hill?  

Nature enthusiasts, trek lovers, and spiritual believers must visit the Avalabetta hills, to experience and take in the beauty with all peace and calm.

Due to its environment around, Avalabetta Hills is most likely to be the best hill around, also photographers could find this place very attractive to do a photoshoot and shoot photos of the nature in general or people too.

Can you find Accommodation at Avalabetta?

The Avalabetta Hills is run by the government the forest department and hence they provide just a comfortable stay, nothing much to offer but a stay which will suffice enough to be.

For anyone to experience the true nature one must take their accommodation and enhance the beauty of nature all day long and all during their comfortable stay.    

There will be food provided by them and other basic necessities but one must carry their own essential necessities according to their comfort and not depend on the stay for it.

How to reach Avalabetta?

Avalabetta Hill is about 120 km from Bangalore, so one must opt for private transportation for an easier and comfortable journey because not many public transportations are available until the destination correctly.

Choose to travel from Chikkabellapur, then head towards Reddygollavarhalli from there one must take a left and reach Peresandra. Then you have arrived at the destination now its time for trekking! The most exciting part of the trip.  One must carry shoes and comfortable clothes for the trip as there is a lot of trekking to do.

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