Baga Beach Goa, 2 Km length Wonderful Beach & Night Life

Baga beach situated in North Goa. It is a very popular beach amongst the other Goa beaches. It is highly visited by many every year.

Families and friends can take a trip to this beach as it is safe and also very beautiful hence that is why it is appreciated by many.

The name has come from the Baga creek which flows in the Arabian sea. Baga beach and Calangute beach are connected as they flow along the same stretch and are just named two different beaches at a different distance.

Baga beach is very popular amongst people as it has a wide range of tattoo shops, jewelry shops, antiques, you will also find various other shops which attracts many people to this amazing beach.

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Things to do in Baga Beach

The Baga beach is very popular because of the various things that can be done on the beach.

The cold water and the hot breeze passing through is what all beach lovers live for, and the Baga beach being so vast has plenty of space for many.

This beach also offers the best nightlife in Goa which is a must experience by all the art lovers or not, everyone will enjoy it here. The nightlife area in beachside restaurants like café mambos, club titos, cape town, kamki, and more. Which serves exquisite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with varieties of foods.

There are water sports in this Beach are amazing, which are activities fond of many. Even if you are not an adventure junkie, you would love the water sports arranged in the beach, there is sailing, banana boat ride, parasailing, speed boat rides, kneeboarding, and much more. There will be no compromise on anyone’s safety there will be all preventive measures and more.

There is a Saturday flea market is a very attractive thing around Baga beach, everyone loves shopping there you will get beachwear, clothes, junk jewelry, dream catchers, alcohol home-made, and much more.

Shacks and Restaurants in Baga Beach

The food in Baga in all of North Goa is exceptional, the best food is apparently found in the Baga beach restaurants. Baga beach is famous for its crowd and food.

The baked food, cakes, and reads are famous around there, also their English breakfast is good, the seafood in the local Goa style.

If you love experimenting with food, Baga has you covered with its different types of cuisine available around it very easily.

The shacks are available on the beaches and which also have chilled beer and alcohol at cheap rates available.

How to reach the Baga beach?

The Baga beach is just 2kms south to the Calangute beach. Panjim is the main mark of North Goa you can travel using rental bikes or cars to the Baga beach.

Places near Baga beach to visit

After your visit to this Beach, you can always go to the nearby places like the Casa De Retiros, Lady of Piety, Aguada fort, Chapora fort, Dr. Salim bird sanctuary.

Baga Beach Market Place- Best for Shopping lovers

The best place to shop near Beach is just 2.5 km away which is called the Saturday Night market. You will have the best shopping experience ever in goa on the Saturday Night market. The market opens only on Saturdays where you can find the best colorful and trending clothes, toys, handicrafts, accessories, and much more. This is one of the spots you must not miss at this beach.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife at Goa, then Baga is the best place for you to hang on with your friends and family.

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