Bangalore Palace, 76 Years old Breathtaking Ancient Palace

Bangalore is a very popular place in Karnataka and also is the capital city. There are many places to visit in Bangalore and one of the places which are a must-see is the Bangalore Palace.

People into royalty can head towards this beautifully massive royal palace which is known for its massive cultural beauty. It is located in the main city area, very accessible, and is a perfect place to visit with family and friends, and tourists must add this under their Bangalore visit list.

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Know the history of Bangalore Palace? 

In 1887 the Bangalore Palace was built under the rule of King Chamaraja Wadiyar. Wadiyar rulers were one of the well- known rulers in South India.

The Palace is currently in the place which belonged to Reverend J Garrett, who had hailed the position of a school principal in the cantonment town. The school is known as the central college today.

The Place was bought by the rulers of Wadiyar in the year 1873, later after a year in 1874, the construction of this massive palace began with the help of John Cameron. The palace after it was built was attributed to Sir Reverend J Garett.

What are the Top attractions of Bangalore Palace?

Attractions of a palace are always about its rich history, interior architecture and exterior architecture and the view.

The Bangalore palace has all of it. Royalty can be hardly seen in Bangalore so if you want to experience royalty then Bangalore palace is the go-to place for sure. Bangalore Palace has a Tudor style architecture which is hardly seen anywhere else but in this palace. It consists of a rocking chair for jockeys and a coat of arms given by the Britishers to the Wadiyar rulers. 

With this amount of beauty available, photography can be done of the whole palace and also people as the background will not let you down at any cost.

What are Bangalore Palace Timings and Entry Fees and Rules?

As Bangalore Palace is open for the layman and everyone can visit it and hence there are some established rules to be followed or you will not be allowed inside. There is an entry fee for everyone depending upon which category they come into.

For Indians, it is Rs250, Foreigners Rs 460, for anyone carrying a camera they must pay Rs685, Mobile camera Rs285 and for anyone carrying a video camera Rs. 1485. It is open for everyone from 10 AM to 5:50 PM, from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is a holiday.

One must have a token to be accessible to photograph around the palace. There are restrictions to touch any of the artifacts. Also, there are some places inside the palace which are not allowed to be seen by the public.

It’s a punishable offence is a person litter around.

How to reach Bangalore Palace?

Bangalore Palace lies in the heart of the city, there are many modes of transportation to the palace from every corner of Bangalore very easily.

One can always hire a cab or an auto, private transportations can also be used as there is parking space available too. Public transports like buses are also available till the palace. There is no difficulty in finding transportation at all.

What to do in Bangalore Palace?    

Photography is one of the, biggest aspects that people love visiting this palace but other than this there are other things one can do inside the palace.

One of the things being is to walk around their massive beautiful lawns, there are guides available to explain the history of the palace in-depth and let all you history lovers depths of the palace. There are century-old artifacts that are for public display, paintings floral motifs hanging and many more interior parts.

There will be an audio tour available for the visitors the audio allows the person to go around the palace bit by bit explaining every aspect in the palace.

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