Bangarraju  telugu filim evaluation – Sequel to Like Bumper Hit

Bangarraju telugu filim evaluation – Sequel to Like Bumper Hit

Six years in the past for a similar wallpaper ‘సోగ్గాడే చిన్నినాయ‌నా‘Bangarraju’ got here and made a deal with and gave it flour. Now బంగార్రాజు Thus he stood prior to the folks and attempted to make a noise once more. This time Nagarjuna was once able so as to add his son Nagachaitanya, now not simply the competition. Close to this is director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala బంగార్రాజుStopped at the display.

Then Bangararaju’s spirit got here and sank into his air and the tribes made a fuss and grew to become the folks. And now బంగార్రాజు What did he do? This time the story- సోగ్గాడే చిన్నినాయ‌నాBangararaju brings permission from Yamadhiramaraju to ascertain the Tanayudi Kapura in Pilokam. This time his spouse did too. Bangararaju is the nephew of Rammohan, son of Bangararaju. After Ramamohan’s spouse dies, he leaves his son, Chin Bangar, within the village and is going to America. Grandma, who grew up along with her grandmother, additionally sounds very similar to her grandfather. The daughter of Sarpanch of the village put inexperienced grass in the course of Nagalakshmi. Truthfully she hopes to marry her son-in-law anyway. Bangaru asks permission to return to the land. This time, Bangararaju will likely be in heaven together with his spouse. So Indra agreed to present them permission. Yamudu comes and tells Indra that the wedding of gold and gold to Nagalakshmi is sort of a worldly marriage. With it, the spirits of Bangararaju and his spouse Satyabhama are allowed. The remainder of the tale is ready how they were given in combination to get married. There are some twists within the heart, however they’re nonetheless amusing.

సోగ్గాడే చిన్నినాయ‌నా Opened as a sophisticated a part of this బంగార్రాజు The unique voice in Nagarjuna will also be mentioned. Five years in the past, Nag maintained the similar glance. Ramkrishna, who continues to be very sexy, grew to become out the similar. While Nag and Ramakrishna proportion the similar leisure as their previous characters, this persona is new to Nagachaitanya. However, director Kalyan Krishna controlled to get the dance he sought after. ‘ఉప్పెన‌, శ్యామ్ సింగ‌రాయ్Shetty, who has tied the knot in cinemas, has confirmed that she will also be influenced by way of innocence and bonds. The position of Nagalakshmi, performed by way of him, is admired. Rao Ramesh, Brahmaji, Vennela Kishore and Jhansi have carried out neatly of their respective roles.

Already బంగార్రాజు The songs have been popularized. Especially written by way of Bhaskarabaitla ల‌డ్డుండా.. The music is not just audible, but additionally has minimum screenplay. The remainder of the songs are sung by way of director Kalyan Krishna వాసివాడి త‌స్సాదియ్యా... He went on to delight the general public. Duet బంగారా.. Even leisure. Previous సోగ్గాడే చిన్నినాయ‌నాBy distinction, this time the songs didn’t have a lot momentum. Anoop Rubens strives to ship sound track to the most productive of his skill. The younger duo Nagachaitanya and Kriti Shetty have made an effort to seem much more stunning within the greenery of J. Yuraj’s digicam paintings. The climax of the second one part was once spectacular. Production values are superb. Together బంగార్రాజు This wallpaper seems like its personal fairs. అఖండ‌ Since the good fortune of the movie, folks were playing the flicks of Star Heroes irrespective of Corona. In the similar manner బంగార్రాజుWhat a fantastic manner!
Plus issues:

  • సోగ్గాడే చిన్నినాయనా Sequel to Like Bumper Hit
  • Nagarjuna and Ramyakrishna twisted as prior to
  • Newly noticed Nagachithanya and Kriti Shetty pair
  • An spectacular climax

Minus issues:

  • సోగ్గాడే చిన్నినాయ‌నా Lack of a distinct tale than that
  • Audio that did not have an effect on as prior to

Rating: 2.75 / 5
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