Bannerghatta National Park | 260 Kms wide Ultimate fun

Bannerghatta National Park is located in Bangalore. The national park was mainly created in the focus of children, for them to have a wildlife experience in a safe environment.

It is very near to the main city, facilitating many people to visit the national park. It is a perfect place when you want your kid or yourself to have a calm time around the wildlife and also to enjoy and embrace nature and greenery around.

A little snippet on Bannerghatta National Park

 The Bannerghatta National Park is built on the valley of the Champakadhama Hills, in the year 1972. In 2002 a bannerghatta biological park was built out of the original National park. 

The biological park was built to enrich the beauty of the flora and fauna in the park. The bannerghatta biological park was built for educating the younger generations and also the elderly. It is a very informative initiative to educate not only about the wildlife but also how to preserve nature in its form. 

Bannerghatta National Park also ensured that it provided proper environment and habitat for the wild animals and protects them from poachers and more.

What all can one do in the national park?

There are many things to do in the massive bannerghatta biological park -like safari, the zoo, the butterfly park is the main top attractions in the biological park.

Different options you can explore in Bannerghatta Biological Park


There are about four safaris in the park, lion safari, tiger safari, herbivore safari, and bear safari.

 Safaris could be the most exciting thing about a    zoo visit. In a safari the wild animals are roaming free without any restrictions in their natural habitat. People are a lot safer nothing to worry about they would be inside safe transportation to move around in the zoo.

In the lion safaris you would find all lions around. And in the tiger safari all sorts of tigers would be found, in the herbivore safari, all herbivores and bear safari all bears only.

Bannerghatta Zoo

The zoo consists of many reptiles, mammals, and many more animals that are found easily. Inside the zoo one can walk past through the animals and reptiles as they will be inside and it will be safe to move around. You can find king cobra snake, hog deer, Himalayan black bear, and much more.

The zoo also has a museum which can be visited by all, the museum has many animal fossils and skeletons, also explaining about various animals and more which is educative for youngsters.

Butterfly Park

Butterflies have been a fascinating insect by one and all from their attractive colored wings. Imagine watching a place just full of butterflies? Then no need to imagine as you can find a whole park just dedicated for the butterflies to be flying around freely.

One can walk around embracing the beauty of the butterflies.

What are the facilities available in Bannerghatta national park?     

Bannerghatta National park is very facilitated and provides comfort to the visitors at all times of the day.

It has a comfortable battery-operated vehicle to move around people who do not wish to walk, it has a huge parking space and there would be no parking issues faced, there is drinking water and restrooms available also the best part is there is a baby care unit too. There is a big library, a cloakroom, restaurants, and hotels, lodges, benches to sit out.

Know Ticket Prices at Bannerghatta Biological Park

Different tariffs are collected at Bannerghatta National Park based upon your choice.

  1. Zoo:

For Adults Rs. 100, children Rs. 50, Sr. citizen Rs. 60

2. Butterfly park:

For Adults Rs. 50, children Rs. 30, Sr. citizen Rs. 30.

3. Non ac safari bus (zoo +safari):

Adults have to pay Rs. 300, children Rs. 150, Sr. citizen Rs. 200.

4. Foreigners

 Adults have to pay Rs. 500, children Rs. 400.

5. AC Safari Bus

Adults have to pay Rs. 600 & children Rs. 400.

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