Basilica of Bom Jesus Church, Amazing 426 years old Church

Basilica of Bom Jesus Church located in the part of old Goa. It is an old Basilica which was built by the Portuguese. The Basilica comes under the UNESCO heritage sites. Let us tell you more about the Basilica of Bom Jesus architecture and more.

It also used to be the capital of Portuguese in India. This is one of the oldest churches in India, it is believed that Christianity started off in India from here.

This is a very important mark from history that marks many things and hence historic lovers must pay a visit to this old church.

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History on the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church

The Basilica Bom of Jesus was built in 1594, and it was declared to be sacred in the year 1605. It is located in Old Goa, Bainguinim.

The Basilica stands tall even after 400 years and is strong too. The architecture of the Basilica Bom of Jesus is baroque architecture. There are no ruins done to the church and there is no plastering done to the church whatsoever to date.

The exterior of the church has a triangular roof, which has carvings on them as IHS which means Jesus’ savior of men. The interior of the church has a long screen from top to bottom which has a picture of St.Ignatus protecting the infant Jesus.

Basilica of Bom Jesus Architecture

Goa is an incredible place of beaches and churches. When you are talking about churches in Goa, we cannot miss talking about the Basilica of Bom Jesus Architecture.

Basilica of Bom Jesus architecture will be an eye feast for those who love architecture. This church is built in a baroque architecture style.

The architecture of Basilica of Bom Jesus is a visual treat as it has extraordinary heavily adorned ornamental form architecture. One shouldn’t miss visiting this place to experience this age-old Basilica of Bom Jesus architecture.

Art gallery museum in Basilica of Bom Jesus

The museums art gallery is the most largest art gallery in the continent currently. The museum has a collection of Italian Paintings which were made in the year of 1973 to 1976.

The best paintings in the museum are the “The Last Judgment” and “Genesis”.

It is one of the top attractions in the Basilica Bom of Jesus.

How to reach the Basilica of Bom Jesus?

 This place is about 10km away from Panjim, renting bikes and cars could be the best idea. Or one can always choose public transportations like buses from the Panjim bus stand. It hardly takes much time to reach from Panjim.

What to eat in Goa?

Non vegetarian lovers are in a treat the coastal area fisher man catch a lot of fishes, crabs, squids and more. These sea foods are loved by many and hence the sea food is a must try there. There are also many vegetarian delicacies which can be eaten by vegetarians such as the special mushroom known as the tonaka and more.

Goa is also famous for wine and draft beer, people who like alcohol are very cheap booze and great taste is famous for Goa.

Some more facts on Basilica of Bom Jesus

  1. The Basilica of Bom Jesus was built by Fr. Alexia de Menezes.
  2. St. Francis Xavier after he died his body was kept and sent back after two years to Basilica.
  3. St. Francis was also believed to have healing powers, causing miracles and much more.  
  4. This was also seen as the status of minor Basilica in 1946.

Overall, Basilica of Bom Jesus must be under your visit list in Goa, for its beautiful structure and the power of the church too which is believed to be very powerful to date.

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