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Nature has a calming effect on the human soul. Enjoying a holiday in the beauty of nature is really invigorating. Kerala offers some of the best nature resorts in exotic places It offers a mystical experience for all travelers. VetoIndia’s Travel Experts offers you the best nature resorts in Kerala:

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The best nature resorts in Kerala

Blue Ginger Spa Resorts- Wayanad

Guests staying at Blue Ginger Spa Resorts calmly describe their experience. This nature resort is set against the peak of Chembra, which gives a stunning backdrop of cloud-stubbed mountain peaks. It is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Prank birds and colorful butterflies are a specialty in the morning when you are here. It is one of the best nature resorts in Kerala due to the natural flow within the best resort. You can go trekking during the day . The view from the top of the mountains is beautiful and delightful.

In the evening, you can enjoy the bonfire and then enjoy the mouth-watering hot and spicy food at the restaurant in kerala. The rooms are clean and spacious and offer different views as you like.

  • Recommended activities: Trekking to the mountain peak along the forest, morning walk along the resort immersed in the natural pool
  • How to get there: The nearest airport is Calicut International Airport, located at a distance of 46 km. The farthest and nearest railway station is the Calicut Railway Station, which is located at a distance of 64 km. Away
  • Prices: About Rs 7,500 per night

Banasura Resort – Vellamunda

Banasura Resort, located near the Banasura Mountains, is a unique accommodation that offers rooms made of mud and authentic interiors. The resort is set in the lap of nature. Although the drive is a bit long, the moment you arrive at the resort, the view and the air you feel fully refreshed. The resort is spread over 35 acres. Some activities inside the resort include water stream, badminton court and many indoor games. You can go to the resort for a guided tour of nature trails and tea gardens. Being waterlogged makes it one of the best nature resorts in Kerala.

  • Recommended activities: Stay on the guided tour of the campfire, tea gardens and the Earth Room
  • How to get there: Nearest airport is Kozhikode (CCJ) – 123 km. And the nearest railway station is at Kozhikode, which is 103 km. From Banasura.
  • Prices: 8,500 per night

Aromatic Nature Backwater Resort & Ayurvedic Spa – Kollam

The fragrant Nature Resort is a gem hidden in the forests of Kollam. It is located on a calm lake, surrounded by beautiful hills. It keeps you away from the mad crowds and is therefore rated as the best nature resort in Kollam area. The most relaxing activity at this resort is watching the sunset and sunrise on your balcony and listening to the birds chirping on the river. If you want to add a pinch of adventure to your stay, you can take a speed boat ride and then have a relaxing drink at the resort’s heaven beautiful sunset bar. The warm hospitality of the staff will make you feel very comfortable, they will get special mention in the reviews from all the guests.

  • Recommended activities: Candle light dinner, drink at sunset bar and enjoy views from the balcony
  • How to get there: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV) is about 51 km away. The farthest and nearest railway station is Kollam Junction
  • Prices: About Rs 7,000 per night

Parakat Nature Hotel and Resort – Munnar

Parakat Nature Resort offers a luxurious stay with a rich view of the green hills of Munnar. You can experience nature for the first time with activities like a visit to the waterfall cave, a nature walk through the beautiful tea gardens and a jeep safari through the steep hills. The highlights of Munnar ‘s best nature resort are the tea gardens and mountains that offer scenic valley views from the club suites. The open restaurant is an added bonus, as you can enjoy the beauty of Munnar while enjoying a delicious meal here kerala.

  • Recommended activities: Jeep safari, lunch at the open restaurant and nature trails through the Tea Gardens
  • How to get there: Cochin International Airport is located at a distance of 109 km. The nearest railway station to Munnar is at Aluva, about 110 km away.
  • Prices: About Rs 10,000 per night

Green Woods Resort – Thekkady

Greenwoods Resort is actually a great boutique resort. You are close to nature and enjoy fun family activities inside the resort such as filming, cooking classes and dance performances at the Periyar Tiger Reserve in kerala. The resort follows an alcohol-free approach and offers a cozy atmosphere, making it one of the best nature resorts in Kerala for family travelers. The Machan type coffee shop is the most attractive place to visit at this resort. This is by far the best rated private pool villa in the world. The main attractions of the room are the glass ceiling in the bathroom, the jacuzzi, and the recliners along the plunge pool for a sunbath experience.

  • Recommended activities: Visit the Machan Coffee Shop, cultural dance performances and local cooking classes
  • How to get there: Cochin International Airport is located at a distance of 180 km. Kottayam railway station is 110 km away. Away.
  • Prices: About Rs 6,500 per night

These best nature resorts in Kerala have great comfort and promise unforgettable memories with your family that will make you visit Kerala again and again. VetoIndia brings you an experienced class with unique services and customized travel that can meet your every need. Our experience of showcasing the best of Kerala makes us a favorite tour agency for Kerala tours. We are available at all times for your help!

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