Best Places to Go Ice Fishing in Edmonton | Explore Edmonton

Spring Lake Great choice if you are looking to catch some beautiful rainbow trout and not too far from the city. However, make sure you pack light because the only way to get to the lake after you park your car is on foot trekking. Packing a small sled or toboggan is a useful tip for me. Once you park, you can pull your gear behind you as you head towards the lake. Although coming up this lake is a bit tricky, it is well worth it. Quietly, and not too busy, you pull in some amazing fish.

There are many lakes and storage ponds around Edmonton that are ideal for ice fishing. Generally, you can fish in any lake or pond that you fish in summer, but these are some of my favorite places. There is no monopoly on fishing in the summer, so go there and dig a few holes.

Tight lines!

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