Butterfly Beach Goa Top 5 Honeymoon Beach in India

Goa means beaches; Goa is never off the beaches. South Goa has many beaches and one of them is the famous Butterfly Beach Goa.

The name comes from the variety of butterflies found there. There is a dense forest that covers the beach and from there you can see butterflies.

Butterfly Beach Goa is also known as the “Honeymoon Beach”. It can be reached from boat rides from another beach well.

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Things to do on a butterfly beach

Butterfly is a little more fun than other beaches. The first thing is to get to the beach by boat from another beach, where do you find it anywhere?

The beach is covered with dense forest, allowing the beauty of nature all at once. There is also a trek into the jungle, for people who love trekking and waves, this is a complete treat for them on the Goa Butterfly Beach.

Butterfly Beach is so famous for dolphin spotting, who doesn’t love dolphins in their natural habitats? Everyone, Dolphin rides on Goa’s butterfly beach are a must.

Dolphins can be seen when traveling to Butterfly Beach from Palolem or Agonda beaches, as the butterfly is not as crowded as other beaches in Goa, so you are more likely to have dolphins there.

Another exciting part of the butterfly beach is the early sunrise, you can watch the sunrise from the middle of the ocean as you ride to the butterfly beach by the beach in the morning, how exciting is that? Butterfly offers these exotic experiences that no beach in Goa can do.

Important tips for butterfly beach

The butterfly beach is out of nowhere, so a boat from a known beach can take you to a butterfly boat, so ask your boat man to wait for you until you are finished.

The boatman must, otherwise there would be no other convenient way for the butterfly to return from the beach.

There are no shops on the beach besides the waves, which is not a direct road contact and therefore most vendors are reluctant to stay there, making sure to get as much food and water as possible for everyone.

After dark it is a must, since it is basically a busy place and therefore it is advisable to go early in the morning and return before the sun sets for one’s safety.

There are no resto-bars or small food stalls or shacks that sell snacks on the beach, so there is no comfortable stay, so make sure to come back soon.

How to reach Butterfly Beach Goa

The beach is easily accessible by boat and bikes or buses can take you around the dense jungle. Boat travel costs INR1000- 1300 for two routes. During the rainy season, boats do not move, making it unsafe due to high tide and rainfall.

The beach can go a long way if not by boat but taking a cab up to Agonda Beach Road is not entirely up to the beach and there is Tina Beach Resort which is walkable from the beach. From there, follow the trails from there to the Goa Butterfly Beach, 0.8 km.

From Palolem Beach you can start trekking from Cheetah Beach Valley which is about 2 km trek which takes 1.5-2 hours to reach Goa Butterfly Beach.

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