Calangute Beach Goa, Awesome Destination for Over 15 Adventurous Rides

Calangute Beach Goa is the most popular beach in Goa. No one ever misses this beach on their trip to Goa. Who doesn’t love a beach? Goa is the beach hub of India, and Calangute is the longest beach in Goa s it is a must-visit in Goa. It is also called the queen of beaches in Goa.

The Calangute beach is very long and breezy also a very crowded place, surrounded by many shops and beachside restaurants.

Everyone who loves water and beach would love the Calangute beach due to its attractive parties held there.

Calangute is a massive oceanic beauty which can make a person feel heaven just by staring at it, the water and the breeze makes it even more attractive to be there.

The crowd and environment are perfectly healthy for families and friends to visit on a long vacation.

Things to do in Calangute Beach Goa

Goa is full of adventure, amusement, and enjoyment. Especially, in Calangute Beach, you can find relaxing and rejuvenating things to do. Beach itself is an exciting place to be in but there are many other exciting things that are a must-do in the Calangute beach which is listed below.

  • Water sports, going to goa and not water sporting? It is a no-no. Water sports are mandatory if you are an adrenaline junkie. Calangute beach offers a wide range of water sports from a normal boat ride to parasailing, sailing, windsurfing, water snorkeling, water skiing, there are other water-based activities too like spotting dolphins in the sea, fishing and more.
  • The nightlife is a must-see thee are many restaurants cum bars right next to the beach. The topmost places to enjoy the nightlife is in the Tio Tilly’s Bar and kitchen, Carvalho’s and spice its restaurants. Also, other than these there are many sunburns and other parties arranged on this beach.
  • Shopping on the beach, yes you heard it right. There are many clothing shops which give out dresses at a very cheap rate, some jewelry shops, antique shops. You can find many beaches wears, cute outfits, earrings, and necklaces.

How to reach Calangute Beach?

Calangute beach Goa is in North-Goa, and there is a variety of transportation available to get there. Rental bikes, rental cars, buses, and more.

Depending upon the comfort zone one can choose the type of transportation they need. Rental bikes being the cheapest mode of transportation.

From Panjim Calangute is 16kms away, from the Thivim railway station it is about 19kms away and from Dabolin airport Calangute is about 39kms away. Depending on where you are coming choose comfortable transportation too.

Foods that one must try on Calangute beach Goa

Calangute, Goa being a coastal area, the seafood is a must-try. The squids, prawns, fish, crabs, and much more. The beachside restaurant has all these in abundance.

There are many other cuisines too if you are a vegetarian then you must try the mushroom and paneer, also khat khate a stew made of veggies is a must-try.

Also, alcohol like beer, wine, and rum is cheap anyone who loves them must give it a try in Goa.

Places near Calangute to visit

Calangute beach goa is the center of attraction and nearby there are many places to visit, thank god for Calangute being the hub there is no time waste or so just to visit this one beach.

Nearby there are many other beaches like the Baga beach, Colava beach, Kekara art gallery, Medicinal springs, Anjuna beach, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Baga retreat house, and much more.

These are some places which one must visit after Calangute beach. These places also areas worthwhile and should be under the Goa must-visit places.

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