Charminar, 16th Century Incredible Tourist Spot in Hyderabad

Charminar means four pillars which are a mosque and a monument in Hyderabad. It is super busy and has lots of fun things to do in and around Charminar: Here we would like to tell you everything you need to know about this historic place and Charminar timings.

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Know the history of Charminar

Charminar, a monument that is always special for the Hyderabadi was built in 1591 AD. There are a number of theories as to why this mosque was built but the most widely believed one is that the ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahi prayed for the cholera plague that was taking lives of thousands of his people to get over and when his wish was fulfilled he built this monument in the memory of it.

It took about a year for Charminar for this Islamic structure to get built. This is a 400-year-old structure that doesn’t fail to impress as it is called the finest example of Qutub Shahi architecture.

Charminar has stood tall for so many years and with so much population and tourists visiting there will always be some damages that are caused, more than the people,  lightning had caused for this monument to need some repairs. This mosque was said to be used for prayers only at one part whereas all the other areas were used as a court during the ruling of Sultan Qutb Shahi. Earlier

What are the exciting things you can do in Charminar?


This place has laad bazaar which basically means a big street filled with bangle stores, this place isn’t just for the people who use bangles but for everyone who appreciates the beauty of color and this entire street has thousands of beautiful different colored bangles. During the night this place has bright and amazing lights that just give the night some more life. Although Charminar timings are from morning to evening, the shops are open till midnight.

Tea ( specifically the Irani tea)

Confused about how tea made the list of a thing to do? Well once you taste it there are no more questions because you’d just be thanking us for the suggestion.

This a traditional tea that is found best in Charminar and when paired with Osmania biscuits it just makes it so much better. With a view of the beautiful Charminar and a cup of this flavored tea, you’d probably be lost in your own thoughts and especially the best time for this combination is when it is drizzling, hot tea, and pretty pictures for sure.

Eat Biryani

The most amazing biryani we have ever tried is from here hands down. The perfect balance of the flavor and aroma of this rice is just mesmerizing and the smell when one waits for their food at the restaurant will make their mouth water.

The most famous places are Pista House and Shah Ghouse, it is preferred to try one and if u like it which is definitely going to happen then the other restaurant should definitely be tried.

If you’re visiting this place during the Ramzan season which is around April to May usually, you’re just super lucky because this other delicacy isn’t just tasty but it’s a little healthy too and that is haleem, people travel from ends of the cities and also from different cities to have this delicious dish here.

Exotic attar

These are traditional perfumes originally known as ittar and are made from direct fragrances diluted and aged for long, get amazing smelling perfumes for a very cheap price.

Visit Mecca Masjid

This is a mosque at a walkable distance from Charminar and is one of the biggest in India with the capacity to accommodate 20K people at a time. The architecture is super beautiful and the writings in the Quran are carved onto the walls of the mosque, inside there are big beautiful chandeliers which make it more beautiful in the night when they are turned on.

Visit Chowmahalla Palace

This is worth visiting with its green and beautiful lawn, multiple galleries which have parts of everything from the history Hyderabad and vintage car display, souvenir store is a place where you can spend a lot of time and still not be bored. If you really aren’t in a big mood of walking around the palace then you can just sit somewhere and click some beautiful pictures.

Charminar Timings & Best Time to Visit

The best transport to get to Charminar from anywhere in the city is an auto or a cab, they can’t enter into Charminar but will leave u close to the location. Charminar timings are fixed and the timing doesn’t change with the season.

Charminar timings are from 9.30 am to 5:30 in the evening. But the surrounding shopping and food are pretty much open till midnight so it is best to keep one whole day to visit Charminar and the places around. It is better to visit this place at least one hour before the Charminar Timings end.

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