Chittoor city tourist places | Top 7 ancient temple hub city

Chittoor city tourist places | Top 7 ancient temple hub city

Chittoor city tourist places is a in Andhra Pradesh, it comes under the Rayalaseema place. It is one of the four districts. Chittoor is a very well-known place in south India and Andhra Pradesh. It Is also known as the district headquarters in Rayalaseema region.

Chittoor district has about 4,170,468 people in and about. Chittoor is a famously known place because of the place’s history and culture. Various famous temples are situated in Chittoor which is visited by people the whole year.

It is a very crowded place in all the time of the year, a tourist place visited by many Indians and hence Chittoor is very famous.

What are the places must visit in Chittoor?

Today’s article we will be talking about what are the must-see places in Chittoor which can be added to your travel list.

1. Tirupati

The Famous Tirupati temple is located in the Chittoor district. This temple is famous amongst all Indians as it has a rich history of the Hindu Deities. Lord Vishnu and Maa Lakshmi have said be residing here in the Kali Yuga. Kids, Men, and Women tend to come here to donate hair as an offering to the Lord. Tirupati is also famous for its world-famous Ladoo which is given out to the devotees as prasadam.

2. Kailsakona waterfalls

 A perfect getaway for families and friends in Chittoor district. The waterfall of 70 m high is a beautiful view with loads of greenery around adding an extra element to its beauty.

According to the History of the waterfall, Kailasanathaeswara Swamy meditated here and hence the name is derived. Apart from these, there are about 6 small waterfalls surrounding this and hence adding to its beauty making it an even more fun place to spend in.

3. Chandragiri Fort

It is one remarkable fort, with plenty of history and beauty. It was built back in the 11th century and later it was conquered by the Vijayanagara rulers and hence got its name later as the Vijayanagara rulers were a well-known dynasty in the South.

The architecture and temples inside of the fort are beautifully planned and are worth the visit. It also has a museum inside which used to be the Raja mahal. They also have many laser shows done in the evening from November to June.

4. Kapila Teertham Waterfalls

A 100 m tall waterfall standing in the Chittoor district is the most talked waterfall, it has a temple with a rich history and also this place was visited by many generations of the Vijayanagara rulers.

It is the combination of a waterfall and a temple that fits the perfect place for families to go to a temple also get a view of the waterfall.

It is one of the 108 teerthams around Tirupati which makes it a really important place for visiting.

5. Ubbalamadugu Falls

Also known as the Tada falls which stand about 100m tall, Chittoor has many waterfalls, and one worth a visit waterfall is Tada falls.

A dense forest is connected to the waterfalls enhancing the beauty of the waterfall a hundred times more. Inside the dense forest, there is a trek too, all the adventure junkies can go trekking and next dive into the natural swimming pool beneath the waterfall.

6. Talakona waterfalls

 The longest waterfall on our list is the 270m Talakona waterfalls, it is situated in the Sri Venteshwara national park. The water flows originally from the Seshachalam hills.

The name is derived from the temple near the Talakona temple. People visit this waterfall all year long for various reasons but mainly because people believe that there is a heating element in the water flowing. This is a belief by many people who trust the properties of the water.

It may sound spiritual but why not go there and actually experience the beauty and the water too.

7. Srikalhasthi temple

The famous temple after Tirupati is the Srikalahastheeshwara temple. The legends and stories behind the temple are just mind-blowing. The things read in books and religious places had come true here in this particular place.

The great story of Kannapa donating his eyes to stop the Shiva Linga from bleeding is one of the heart touching stories where Shiva himself appeared and stooped Kannapa and gave him ease.

This is a must visit place for all the religious believers.

What Foods to Try in Chittoor ?

South Indian food is a delicious cuisine, Andhra foods are very popular everywhere in India. The biryani and spicy chicken Andhra style is what we all live for.

The Andhra meals, Andhra style Biryani and Andhra style chili chicken are a must-try. These delicacies are available everywhere across Chittoor. Dosa, Idli, and uthappam for breakfast should be tried with the spicy coconut and peanut chutney.

These are a bunch of foods which you should go under the food list. 

Click on the links and check out more about what all you can do at Tirupati, Kailasakona, Tada Ubbalamadugu waterfalls, Srikalahasti Temple, Talakona Waterfalls, Kapila Theertham, Chandragiri Fort.

Chittoor city tourist place

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