DIKSHA is a web portal from the Indian government for which of the following sectors?

(B) School education

Tigray crisis is a civil unrest situation happening in which country?

(C) Ethiopia

Which global organisation has been annually releasing World Development Report since 1978?

(D) World Bank

Name the candy that this American president loved so much, a holder was designed for a jar of them so they wouldn’t fall in air turbulence.

(A) Jelly beans


Which of these famous players has won 3 consecutive silver medals at the Olympics in this sport?

(B) Lee Chong Wei


How to Play AMAZON Funzone

1) Download Amazon App From Google play Store OR Apple store


2) Open & Sign in To the Amazon App

3) Search box

(i) Type Fun zone (or) Quize

(ii) Alexa go to Funzone ( voice button click)


4) There will Be Question

5) Answer The Quiz Questions correctly To Enter The Lucky Draw

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