Doddamakali Bangalore | Extremely Scenic Riverside Beach

Doddamakali is located 132 km away from Bangalore, it is a nature resort which is just 6 kms above the Bheemeshwari fishing camp.

It is a perfect place for family and friends to hang out for embracing nature and its beauty at its fullest. There are various activities to do in the resort, the accessibility to nature is very easy and flexible and hence this place is a must-visit and worthwhile of the time.

Do you want a day off? Away from the hustle and bustle city then go for a calm serene place such as this place.

Activities that Doddamakali offer

There are various activities conducted in nature’s resort, like bird watching, wildlife spotting, fishing, and much more adventurous activities.

  • Bird Watching

The nature resort is very vast and has many different types of birds, be it land-based or water-based birds. To be precise there are about 200 types of birds. There are many exotic birds that come and go during their hibernation period. So it is said to come around their hibernation period more to see many unseen birds.

  • Wildlife spotting

Jungle safaris in a nature resort? Yes you heard it right, Doddamkali offers jungle safaris, where one can see many wild animals in their natural habitat, it is very rare to find animals other than a zoo, but Doddamakali lets people experience the nature at its best, you can see deers, bears, snakes and more in a completely safe environment and safe buses will be used for safari.

  • Fishing

River, yes river is connected to this natural resort. Cauvery river flows through the resort allowing people to enjoy the beautiful water flowing and fishing is also allowed there, fishing is a very common activity taken up by many to the countryside feels, not many countrysides feel can be taken up in the city but Doddmakali allows you to!

  • Adventurous activities

Since there is a river there are many river activities that take place there like kayaking, river rafting, coracle rides and much more, adventure junkies will love going here. This place is a perfect package for every kind of person, there is no place to be bored or not enjoy Doddamakali.

Accommodation and facilities in Doddamakali

There is accommodation available in the form of cottages, which would give everyone a different feel more like a countryside feel.

The place has no electricity, it provides alternatives like solar lamps and more. The resort ensures that a person staying there gets the best quality of nature experience and does not involve it with high ended services.

Food will be served in the manner of a buffet, lunch dinner, and breakfast. There will be a barbecue on the side of the river in the evening which is the most exciting part of the camp, enduring the beauty and barbecue some tasty food is a perfect set up.

There will be a bonfire too in the evening with chairs all around for everyone to sit and have a get-together and maybe meet people too if you wish too.

There will be hospital staff and nature assistance too for any need required be.

How to reach Doddamakali ?

From Bangalore’s main city, one can take a bus until Kankpura road then arrange private transport or so for a comfortable drive until the resort. The road from Kanakpura road, you have to pass through the village Hagalur then, you have to go to Shimshapura village from there one must walk down or maybe jeeps can be allowed if you ask for permission.

There its most likely to walk and get into the wilderness, Doddamakali is not a facilitate place like any other normal resort but a perfect resort for nature lovers and who want to experience in its raw form.        

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