Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa, 320 M Height Stunning fall

Waterfalls are the glorious creations of nature, a big hill with water falling from the tip. Who doesn’t love a waterfall? If you want to experience a waterfall with massive height and large thickness of water flowing, then you mist to visit the very popular Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa.

Your eyes won’t get tired of staring at the massive beauty which is located in the Goa Karnataka border, visited by many people all the year because the beauty of its never reduces any day at all.

Family and friends can go visit Dudhsagar waterfalls while going to Goa, on a long weekend, or visit it on a vacation.

A snippet on Dudhsagar Waterfalls Goa

Dudhsagar’s name is derived from its appearance, Dudh meaning milk, Sagar meaning sea which means a sea of milk.

The water flowing out is the milk like, and hence the name. It is a four-tiered waterfall, which lies on the Mandovi river in the border of GoaKarnataka.

It is also known as one of India’s tallest falls, which is tall about 310 meters.  That is why it is so famous and is also massive due to its height.

Around Dudhsagar all one can find is greenery and peace, it is filled with various flora and fauna around. It is also a safe environment to be in with family, friends, and children.

Is there a trek in Dudhsagar?

Some time back there used to be a top Dudhsagar trek, and eve railways were allowed to pass through the massive Dudhsagar waterfall, the beauty, and experience which was appreciated by all, got closed for the safety reasons.

The Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa trek in the bottom is open for all officially, for people trying to trek can use the two most common and safe ways. One is the way from Kulem, taking a jeep until the bottom or one from the railways track route; going from the Sonalium station, and then joining the mud route.

People are not allowed inside the forest of Dudhsagar due to its safety issues as there is heavy rainfall taking place there which compromises on people’s safety.

 Is there any other legend behind the name “Dudhsagar”?  

Who does not love the hearsay legends and myths? We do! Apart from the beauty of the waterfalls, the name of the waterfalls has been derived from a princess once long ago who bathed every day in the waterfall, one day she was taken aback by being watched by a prince while she was bathing.

The princess always had a jug of milk with her which she consumed after every bath, apparently, the jug of milk was poured on her by the prince or the princess’s maid (it is unclear) to cover her and not bring her dignity down from the passer-by’s as she was naked. So, the jug of milk was poured on her which went into the river too. And hence the name of derived. 

How to reach Dudhsagar waterfalls?

There are multiple ways to reach Dudhsagar waterfalls, one must choose according to their compatibility with road train or trek.

One can use the train, the trains do not use the route of going till the bottom of the falls, but nearby after which one must trek until they reach the waterfall. The nearest stations to be getting down in the castle rock station or the kulem station.  You will have a stunning experience visiting Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa.

One can travel by road too, which will require just 1km trek what so ever. You can hire a jeep to some point. Jeeps will be available for about 1200 for 6 people to be precise and also will wait until your return for about 2 hours or lesser.  

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