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Lone Pine Distilling has its roots in Alberta, founded by two close friends after sipping souls around the campfire at the cabin, where it finds a lone pine site. The building containing the distillery was completely rebuilt and restored by the founding partners of Lone Pine, which contributed to the revitalization of the surrounding area (locally known as the “Hubcap District”). Lone Pine’s distillery is 8,000 square feet, the size of Edmonton’s largest distillery and one of the largest craft distilleries in Alberta. Each bottle label shows the EST. 2017 approval for work invested in bringing loan pine to the ground since the company first merged three years ago. They aim to honor and celebrate their Alberta origins by using locally available materials, products and services, including collaborations with local producers and artisans who are skilled in the community.

Number of products: 5, two new products still under development.

Very Special: Rocky Mountain Gin – All the key ingredients for Alberta’s Rocky Mountain area are local. Inspired by the variety of wildflowers and botanicals that grow naturally in the Alberta Mountains, Lone Pine has developed a recipe that inspires the Rocky spirit through the fresh flavors of wild bergamot, mint and rosehips (all of which belong to the region).

Most Popular: Since the distillery has been open for a while, it is very difficult to choose the most popular product, but Earl Gray Gin seems to be getting a lot of love.

Local flavors: Since they work locally to the source as much as possible, most spirits have unique local flavors. For example, wheat for Parkland wheat vodka is grown from the Parkland Prairie area of ​​Alberta and has a clear strong flavor, which ranges from raw wheat to distilled craft spirit. Rocky Mountain Gin is fully defined by its local flavor, wild-created ingredients and local producers from the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

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