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Tanya Jurak and her team at Wild Prairie Soap Company They knew at the outset of the pandemic that they had an important product to help save lives. After health professionals appealed to the public to take care of their hand washing methods to help protect against the spread of the COVID 19 virus, Tanya and her team could not think of people who did not have access to soap. Since this is the first way to protect yourself personally, she knows that her company has a responsibility to play a role and help where they can. So, for every online order they receive, they decided to donate 1 kg of their natural soap to a community service organization that needs it. Recipients include Boyle Street Community Services in Edmonton, Woods House and Winhouse in Calgary. For Tanya, getting soap during an epidemic is so essential to getting food in a drought, so if they can provide it, why not they?

In fact, the 20-year-old natural soap and body care company is also dealing with an epidemic impact on their business, so they wanted to create a campaign that would help them continue to interact with their customers. And Give back to the community. In lieu of their customer support, they donate soap on their behalf and every order they ship comes with free soap samples and ion shad.

By the end of August, Wild Prairie Soap had donated 4000 bars of soap. This campaign has now become a pillar of the ongoing “giving back” of their business. The response to the concept has been overwhelmingly positive and they are happy to continue to help their partners on the front line caring for those in need.

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