Edmonton Entrepreneurs Making a Difference: Part 2 | Explore Edmonton

First, there is us Edmonton Print Machine, Comes hot with two campaigns that benefit for two valuable reasons: local businesses and Edmonton Food Bank. Their #HereforGood The campaign invites customers to purchase T-shirts with their favorite local business logo. The best part? After all the revenue and expenses, go back to the pockets of that local company. This campaign gives small businesses the opportunity to navigate to closed businesses or revised operations, joining their clients and supporters. You can also order your own limited edition Explore Edmonton Shirt and support all participating businesses at once! Are you a local entrepreneur looking to join this venture? Click Here To learn more.

The Print Machine’s “We Are In This Together” campaign invites locals to purchase items inspired by Dr. Dina Hinsha, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. Proceeds from the production cost of these items will be donated to various Alberta Food Bank chapters. Items for sale include artwork from two creative Edmontonians, Laurel Hawkswell and Brendan Brown.

Brown is looking for projects that will occupy him in the early stages of physical distance when he arrives at the printing machine to produce shirts with his #hinshirt design. “I thought Dr. Hinsha was a particularly reassuring presence in terms of the compassion and skill she expressed in conveying the complex epidemiological science and policy to the general audience. So I thought it would be fun to do something that would highlight the local exciting person. Emphasize the ‘unity’ aspect,” Brown said. . Once Johnny Jacques and team at Print Machine realized the content of the shirt design, they became interested in participating in a campaign that would benefit those in need. The campaign grew with posters, tote bags and more from T-shirts and pins.

There are so many ways to give support Edmonton Food Bank In this unprecedented period and beyond. Whether it is a gift of food, funds or time; Your er darya means to those who need the world.

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