French Movie ‘How I Became a Super Hero’ Coming to Netflix in July 2021

How I became a superhero coming to Netflix

How I Become a Superhero – Picture: Artemis Productions

In July 2021, part of the Netflix international release will be the French superhero movie How I became a superhero It’s like a combination of the two The Incredibles, Guys, And Inheritance of Jupiter.

The film is adapted from Gerald Bronner’s novel and was first screened at the Deauville Film Festival in September 2020. It was later sold to Netflix. How I became a superhero Netflix is ​​set to reach out worldwide on July 9, 2021.

It’s one of the most recent high – profile superhero titles from Europe for Netflix. Earlier this year, the Italian series Zero Released with 8 episodes.

What is the plot of How I became a superhero?

Superheroes, now a part of everyday life in Paris, France, compete to become the most famous, sometimes at all costs. When a new and dangerous drug drug hits the streets of Paris, suddenly humans develop their own super powers. With the help of two former superheroes, Monte Carlo and Callista, Paris detectives Moreau and Schultzman are on hand to dismantle the burgeoning drug empire.

How I became a superhero Netflix

Who are the cast members How I became a superhero?

The certified cast members of are as follows How I became a superhero:

Character Cast member Where have I seen / heard this before?
Gary More / Titan Pio Marma I kissed a girl | Murphy’s Law | The first day of your life
Callista Leela Bekhti Paris, J T’im | A prophet | All that glitter
Lieutenant Schultzman Vimala Ponce Elle | Eden Log | Wild Boys
In Montecarlo Benoit Poilword Man bites dog | New Testament | Romantic Anonymous
Well Swan Arlad Bloody Milk | By the grace of God | Lazarus
Alex Mehdi Baudina Savage | Everything about mothers | L’art do crime
A burn Giovanni Noupinban Positive
Firefighters Fareed Afifi Fear on the lake | Specialties | Just to be sure

What’s the runtime of How I became a superhero?

The movie has a running time of 97 minutes.

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