Global Vipassana Pagoda, 8000 Seating Extraordinary Place

If you are looking for tourist places to visit in Mumbai, then Global Vipassana Pagoda is the best place in Mumbai. It is amazingly built with 8000 seating capacity. to meditate. So here is Global Vipassana Pagoda information.

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a monument of peace that targets the spreading of teachings of compassion and non-violence propagated by the Lord Gautama Buddha and also spread of different kinds of mind along with body control meditation called as vipassana. This Meditation Dome Hall is one of Mumbai’s most unique attractions and is categorized as a place of peace and of extreme calmness.

This monument is situated at a distance of less than a kilometer away from the Arabian Sea in the northwest Mumbai and spread over more than 13 acres of land. The stone structure also contains the original bone relics of Lord Gautama Buddha.

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Global Vipassana Pagoda Information

Inaugurated in the year 2009 by the then President of India, Pratibha Patil. This place was entirely built with the donations that have come from the students and devotees of Mr. S.N. Goenka, who is a vipassana teacher with the dream of “The Pagoda”. The Pagoda, which is basically multiple tiered temples are painted golden in color which was donated by the people of Thailand.

It is exciting to know about Global Vipassana Pagoda Information. The height of the dome is about 29 meters and is large enough to accommodate 8000 people on a daily basis. The proper following of this vipassana is the reason it still exists. It started in the year 1997 and took till the year 2008 to build this monument, almost summing it up-to more than ten years.

This monument is also said to contain a library and also a museum but a meditation course from the meditation center is a must take to understand the importance of peace. This gold-colored temple is beautiful both in the morning and in the night and is worth seeing whenever one visits Mumbai. This is all about Global Vipassana Pagoda Information.

Global Vipassana Pagoda Information History

The construction of the Global Vipassana Pagoda began in the year 2000 while the planning had begun in 1997. The construction was an evolving process and contained 3 domes. The first dome of the pagoda contains the bone relics of Gautama Buddha which were discovered at Bhattiporlu, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh and preserved in the central locking stone of the dome on 29 October 2009 after the prime minister of Sri Lanka and the Mahabodhi Society of India decided to donate them to the pagoda.

This structure was built through voluntary donations. The shape of the pagoda is the same as the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar with a Burmese design and a touch of the expression from Myanmar. The dome is a pillarless structure which contains one of the largest meditation halls in the world and can seat over 8000 people. It is enabled in such a way that it lasts for years together combining traditional and modern Indian.

How to reach to Global Vipassana Pagoda?

As Mumbai is really well connected and also has very decent public transport, any mode of transport can be ranging from auto to car is easy to find and is comfortable, public transport can also be used by everyone but is comparatively crowded and isn’t preferred much.

Best Time to Visit Global Vipassana Pagoda?

As this place isn’t fully exposed and is a little more covered than usual, any month during the whole year will be perfect.

Places to visit near Global Vipassana Pagoda

Essel World, being less than a kilometer away this is the perfect place for kids and is a must-see. Gorai Beach is the perfect place to watch the sunset after a long day at the temple.

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