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Top 12 Beautiful Goa tourist place

Top 12 Beautiful Goa tourist place
Top 12 Beautiful Goa tourist place

Goa the ultimate destination of India, the most craved place all across our country is one of the attractive places in India. Goa is visited by many all across India and it is seen that many foreigners across the world visit Goa because of its glorious destinations and the free and fun vibe.  Here are the tourist places to visit in Goa and things to do here.

12 Amazing Goa tourist place List

One of the most loved tourist places in India is Goa. There are so many things you can do in Goa tourist place to have fun with friends and family. So here we would like to tell you about the Top 12 Beautiful Goa tourist place you can visit in Goa and some fantastic activities you can do here.

Dudhsagar Falls: The name of this literally mean a sea of milk and this is called so because of the illusion created that is the flowing water looks like flowing milk, this is a very calm place where the waters sound overpowers every other noise just giving a calming feeling but it is recommended that this place be visited with a guide that will help you get there easily.Read More

Aguada Fort: This is a must-visit for everyone especially recommended during sunsets because of the 360-degree view of the sky which just makes it so much better, the other two reasons why one should visit this place are the Aguada lighthouse and the Aguada jail. One should definitely add Aguada in the Goa tourist place Read More

Calangute Beach: Calangute beach is situated about 15kms away from Panjim beach, it is a popular place because of its exceptional water sports available there. You will love this beach for its awesome climate. Read More

Basilica of Bom Jesus: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a Roman Catholic Church and has an ancient beauty to the architecture, this is also a worth seeing site for all the tourists as this has the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier who is known to be the co-founder of the Society of Jesus.Read More

Anjuna Beach: Anjuna Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in India. This is one of the places to visit in Goa. Young people will absolutely love this beach and the parties happening here. Read More

Baga Beach: Baga Beach is one of the most popular beaches in India. If you are in Goa with your family, then you should not miss this place. Baga Beach is the safest beaches in Goa and most popular beaches. Read More

Butterfly Beach: Butterfly beach is an awesome place along with the butterfly sanctuary. This is for the nature lovers as this is filled with a lot of beautiful and colorful butterflies and it is a perfect place for a calm and serene walk. This place also has something interesting called the butterfly pub which is a place for the male species of the butterflies to get their nutrients from and they also stay there.Read More

Arambol Beach: Arambol Beach is a beautiful beach in Goa. You can find amazing seafood since it is called fisherman’s village. There are many well-developed resorts here in this Arambol Beach. This is one of the places to visit in Goa. Read More

Maruti Temple: This is an incredible places to visit in Goa. It has an amazing history. It is believed that, when Portuguese destroyed all Hindu temples to promote Christianity, this Hanuman Idol was hidden here. If you are spiritual person or want to experience serene architecture, then Maruti is one of the places to visit in Goa. Read More

Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park: If you are a wildlife enthusiast and nature lover, then Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park should be in must-visit places in Goa. Excited? Read More

Panaji: Panjim street markets are known for its flea markets and their market foods. Flea markets in Goa have may dream catchers, junk jewelry, beachwear, clothes, and much more for very cheap prices.Read More         

Vasco Da Gama: Vasco Da Gama itself is an amazing city. This place has an abundance of old heritage and places to visit in Goa. You should not miss visiting Vascodagama when you are in Goa. This is one of the most loved places to visit in Goa. Read More

A snippet on Goa’s history

We all know there are fantastic places to visit in Goa. So let us check the history. Goa was established the year 1987, it has many world heritage sites marked by UNESCO, it is known for the place that brought Christianity into India.

It has been a historical place since the birth of it, it has witnessed many colonial events. The Portuguese made its way into India through India establishing their Portuguese Indian capital in India.

Best Time to visit Goa

Goa is visited all the time of the year, the joy in visit Goa remains an all-time thing. Since Goa is surrounded by beaches and during the rainy season it gets messy and it becomes unsafe to be near coastal areas, it is suggested that people may not visit during rainy seas but visit during summer or winter season. Visiting Goa during these seasons will ensure that people enjoy and feel free enough to roam around to the fullest with no many restrictions.

Best food and drinks to try in Goa

Apart from the amazing places to visit in Goa, there are some amazing foods to taste. Goa food and drinks after their tourist are very famous especially for you foodies and non-veg lovers.

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Top 12 Beautiful Goa tourist place
Goa the ultimate destination of India, the most craved place all across our country is one of the attractive places ...
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