Gooty Fort or ravadurg gooty fort in Ananthapur

Gooty Fort or ravadurg gooty fort is located in Anantapur district. It is the largest district in Rayalaseema region in the State of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. The district headquarters of Anantapur District, is a combination of both city and village environments. Anantapur is a true destination of history, art, culture, and tradition.

Though having the lowest rainfall in India, it still is a great place to visit and attract a lot of tourists across the globe. It has lot of landscapes, temples, monuments, etc., and a lot of attractions.

The Gooty Fort or ravadurg gooty fort inferred its name from ancient original name of the town, Gowthampuri. It is one of the oldest hill forts in the State of Andhra Pradesh as well as well renowned place for its culture and architecture.

Located more than 300 metres above the ground level, the Gooty Fort has witnessed a reign of centurions including Emperors, Kings, Maharajas, Monarchs, Sultans, and Mughals.

The serene historic ruins speak a lot about the history. Once can feel and learn a lot from copious buildings, parapets, and the walls. Everything has a story to tell.

The Architecture of ravadurg gooty fort

A conglomeration of Indo-Islamic architecture, this humongous shell-shaped fort covers almost 20 acres of landscape. Till today, it stood up to all the trails of time, witnessing the history. This displays how strong it was built using the combination of lime and mortar along with granite

It has become an epic of endurance for the modern times and tells a lot of tales of history. The inscriptions on the rocks across the surrounding are famous attractions.

The architecture shows profoundness and the skills of the architects during that time as they were able to capture the rain water in the rock clefts by building a small reservoirs throughout the fort. The number of such small reservoirs are plenty to count.

Gooty Fort’s Vantage Point

Relish the city’s beauty from the Throne of Murari Rao which gives you a complete view of the whole town from the top of the hill.

Ravadurg gooty fort Enchanting Weather

This famous tourist attraction, labelled as national importance, will keep you spell-bound with its charm. The weather will keep you calm and lets you focus and takes you back in time.

Valuable Tips

You may need a lot of stamina to hike uphill on the jagged and rough mountain terrain. So, be prepared!!

Ensure you carry a lot of energy drinks and a good amount of water for your hiking trip.

The Itinerary

A quick itinerary for your trip to Gooty Fort is to start first thing in the morning and cover as much as landscape you can before mid-noon with a quick reset. Enjoy the picturesque in the evening.

Ravadurg gooty fort To Arrive

The strong connection through roadways and railways make your arrival to Gooty Fort easy to commute. It is well surrounded by all the famous towns within a radius range of less than 100 kilometers.

The nearest airport is just within the reach of 75 kilometers from Anantapur. For local commute, there are plenty of State provided as well as private buses, taxis, etc.

The Appetite

There is no need for you to compromise on your appetite throughout your visit to the Gooty Fort. It is well surrounded by a lot of local and multi-cuisine restaurants wherein you can try a lot of different foods.

Ravadurg gooty fort Nearby Attractions of anantapur tourist places

Ahobilam Temple, ISKON Temple, Anantapur Clock Tower, Veera Bhadra Temple, Bugga Ramalingeswara Swami Temple, Penkonda Fort, Marrimanu, Rayadurg, Tadipatri, Mounagiri Hanuman Statue, etc.

Pack your backpacks and get ready to explore and experience the elegance and beauty of the astounding Gooty Fort. Ensure you do not miss on the above-said nearby attractions which will make your trip worthwhile.