Hussain Sagar, 5.7 Sq.Km Serene Lake in Hyderabad

Hussain Sagar is an extraordinary heart-shaped lake located in the center of Hyderabad city. One thing that comes in the mind when we talk about it is Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue. Everybody who visits Hyderabad should visit Hussain Sagar lake and Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue at least once. This is a serene place you would fall in love with. Let us talk more about what you can do near Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue and near this place.

Visit Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue

We can literally say that Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue is the center of attraction of the Hyderabad city. The Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue is the tallest statue of the Buddha in the world. Between the years 1983 to 1989, Telugu Actor NT Rama Rao was serving as chief minister to the combined Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

He decided to establish the statue of Buddha in the middle of the lake as Buddha is a symbol of peace and truth. Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue was placed successfully on December 1st, 1992.

Let us see what more you can do near Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Birla Mandhir

To start off with a little devotion and a lot more beauty, this is a temple which is very close to Hussain Sagar and can be visited first thing in the morning, this place is said to be done with about 2000 tons of white marble making it a white beauty. The benefit of visiting the place early in the morning is that there won’t be a lot of heat and the sounds of the birds chirping with a clear sky will just make it that much better.

Go-Karting Near Hussain Sagar Lake

We won’t say no to a little fun ever, this is just the best way to start off your afternoon as the nearby place Pitstop Go-Karting offers the best prices for karts and there’s gaming here too. All age groups are guaranteed to have lots of fun here, it’d be better if you are to visit with a group.

Street Art Near Hussain Sagar

There’s a lot of street art present on the way back to one of the best places that you can get food at, so after go-karting, if you walk back to Eat Street you’d be able to see how normal artists have depicted some beautiful and other extremely real and situational depictions.

Eat Street at Tank Bund

This place has multiple tiny food serving places and it’s just super delicious food at extremely affordable prices and this isn’t even the best part, the view while eating is of the lake and it’s super calm and the best views of the sky while eating is this place. It is just as good as it is with a group even if you’re alone this place will just make a person’s mood so much better.

Enjoy Blissful Sunset

The best part of your day will probably be this, with a hot drink in your hand you could with one of the most beautiful sunsets in Hyderabad here. You don’t just have to watch the sun but the whole lake behind which are multiple colors of sky just making your memories that much better, if it’s raining when you’re near this place don’t miss the enchanting view here.

You don’t just have to end your day here if you’re a party person

By the Bay near Hussain Sagar

Drinks! Drinks! And more Drinks! This place has the view of the lake, amazing food like damn tasty and great music to dance to. This is a must-visit if you have the night in your hands and this decision will not be a bad one for sure. On an extra note for the people who love clicking pictures for social media, this place is classy enough to reach your expectations of pictures.

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