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Delhi reeks of two things is the street food and another is national monuments. India Gate is one of the important national monuments present in Delhi, where important events take place on India’s republic day January 26th.

If you are history junkie then you must add India Gate to your list of visiting. Checkout the best things to do at India Gate and places to visit in Delhi.

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A snippet on India Gate

It was originally called the All India War memorial, it was later called Delhi memorial then the name changed into India Gate.

This monument was made in honor of the people and troops who gave their lives in order to shoo away the British rule from our country. The people who died between the years 1914-1919 it’s for them.

The war memorial was built by Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was not only building war memorials but also planned out the city.

The building of the gate started in the year 1921 the first stone of it was kept by Queen Victoria’s third son who was the duke of Connaught.

Things to do at India Gate

It is a perfect place for a sunny day picnic with family, take your food and drinks go enjoy a warm day quality time with them. Not just family but friends also could go there for a good undisturbed time.

Take a walk along the Rajpath the path towards the India gate, you will often find many people taking a run, walk or a jog early morning or in the evening, you too can take a calm walk and engage in the beauty of the nature right there.

If you don’t live in Delhi and going to visit there click loads of pictures for memories. Clicking 1, 2 or 3 won’t suffice click as many as possible after all it’s the Delhi Gate.

This place might not have a street food spread all along but there are small things you can enjoy like the Gola which is called chuski in Delhi, the famous lovely chuski is what people enjoy in the evening, it is a delicacy with ice and colored sweet water which you have to dip and take a chuski.

You should visit the Gate in the night for a better view as the lightings are up to during the night, it becomes extraordinarily beautiful. The flag is projected on and the whole monument is lit up.

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This is a war memorial and hence you can go honor the people who gave away their lives in order to protect our Country, the Amar Jawan Jyoti you could go there and send out prayers.    

The Amar Jawan Jyoti is the flame of the immortal soul, a pot of fire is always burning there, it is an interesting site to see. One can find a boat ride at the gate, with family or friends you could take a happy boat ride. This could be really fun one can always try this out.

Things to eat at India Gate

What else could you find to eat in the famous Delhi Gate the great bhutta of all times, who doesn’t love bhutta? You will find plenty of stalls selling them.

Other best thing about India gate is that you can fly kites there, you can see kites flying there on many occasions, but even on a normal day, you can simply fly a kite for your own joy with family and friends.

How about a mid-night ice cream near this amazing place? Yes, you heard the right thing you can get ice cream at midnight near the India gate, if you love ice creams with a great view then Delhi Gate must be your go-to.

What is to see in the India Gate?

The monument is not just it, there are 13,300 servicemen names carved on it who ever lost their lives during the freedom fight, not only India soldier men but also the British men who fell. With the names being carved a flame is there which keeps burning.

How to reach India Gate?

To reach anywhere the Delhi metro is always available you can get down at the central secretariat, its 2.3kms away from the Delhi Gate, then take an auto. There is another station called the Brakhamba which is approximately about 3kms away from Delhi Gate after getting down you can use an auto and reach there in 15 minutes. Pragati Maidan another metro station which is again as the same distance from the Delhi gate as from the Brakhamba station.

This is a war memorial which was built in the name of our fallen soldiers is an important place and is a just see, if you ever visit Delhi, India Gate would be one monument you would be proud to visit.      

The street food, Boating, Bhutta, Gola, Chaats and much more fun awaits you in the Delhi Gate.  

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