ISKCON Temple Bangalore | 1997 Built Serene Temple

ISKCON temple is the one and only famous Hare-Krishna temple in Bangalore. It is known for its charitable purposes and food donations all over India. They also have many branches, temples all over the country and all over the world too.

It is a massive temple with lord Krishna and other shrine’s placed inside the temple. Iskon is a quiet place with serene beauty and peace. It is a perfect time to visit to be calm and be at ease.

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Everything you know about ISKCON temple Bangalore

ISKCON temple was founded by Srila Prapbhupada who preached the teachings and the legacy has since continued.

ISKCON Temple is more like a society preaching the teachings of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu also a powerful god. His teachings in Bhagavat Gita are taught from the ISKCON society.

The ISKCON temple is one of the Largest ISKCON temples in the world, it was inaugurated in the year 1997 in Bangalore.

Why is ISKCON temple a must-see place in Bangalore?

The ISKCON temple is built on a hillock, which is a massive beautiful temple with beautiful fountains and also many lights around the temple. The temple must be visited in the night for its extra effect.

The temple has multiple small temples inside and the main temple with the Radha Krishna shrine, which also consists of the Krishna Balram shrine. The small temples are of Nitai Gauranga shrine, Srinivasa Govinda shrine, Prahlada Narasimha shrine. The main temple consists of Srila Prabhupada’s shrine too.

Prasadam is also distributed at the end of the visit and there is a food court below the main temple serving many delicacies. Sweets and ladoos are famous in the ISKCON temple which is a must-try.

There is a small food court on the bridge which appears at the end of the visit to the main temple. There is a sitting area after the parsadam distribution one can go sit in the sitting area which is a small pond covered with walls and very beautiful to look at.

What activities are conducted in the ISKCON temple?     

The ISKCON temple is very famous in Bangalore and is known for its various activities conduction board for school children.

There are many activities such as rangoli competition, Cooking without fire competition, painting competition, and many more competitions in the form of art for school kids.

These activities are conducted in the ISKCON temple but there are also activities conducted outside the temple. Many volunteers are taken onto various areas of Bangalore for cleaning and much more productive activities.

ISKCON temple also has a connection with Bangalore schools and keeps a subject separately for ISKCON preachers to come to teach values and more in schools to school kids too.

What are the Timings of ISKCON temple Bangalore?    

There are various timings that people can visit depending upon what pooja they want to see.

First, it open from 4 am to 5:30 am for Mangala arati, then opens at 7:15 am for another pooja known as the Shringara Darshan arati,  from 5:30 am to 7:15 am in the meditation period. After this, the temple is kept open for devotees until 1 pm then gets closed. The temple next opens at 4:15 to 8:15 pm  

What is the ISKCON temple mainly known for ?

The ISKCON temple is known for its celebration during the Janmashthami festival as Janmashthami is the festival solely devoted to Lord Krishna it is made sure that this festival is celebrated in a very grand gesture.

Is there a museum inside the temple?

There is a museum and book store in the temple the museum has Lord Krishna’s pictures of his life story portrayed in the form of pictorial representation which is easy to understand and also there are movies on Lord Krishna which are played in the ISKCON theater for kids and adults to go watch.  

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