Juhu Beach Mumbai 6 km wide stunning Beach

Juhu beach in Mumbai is very popular amongst the youngsters and localities in Mumbai, but also the tourists put this across their beach lists in Mumbai. So here are some things to do in Juhu Beach.

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What Makes Juhu Beach Mumbai Special?

Juhu is known mainly for its celebrity engagement, it is also called the celebrity beach. There are many Bollywood film actors who put up near this beach and also, any Film shooting takes place on the beach. It has the reputation of India’s most visited beaches. It is located in Ville Parle locality and is about 18kms away from the city’s hustle-bustle.

The sunset and sunrise in the Juhu beach are to die for and the serene beauty and immense peace the beach offers you is why you must visit the beach for.
In Juhu beach, one will always find people from early morning, as they choose to jog or exercise there. There are many classes like yoga that are conducted on the shores of Juhu beach with water splashing.

In the evening, there will be many street foods across the beach which are a must try. What is t if you come to Mumbai and not try their street food?
The street foods near Juhu beach are exceptional and are also sold at cheap rates.

Things to do in Juhu Beach

There are some exciting things to do in Juhu Beach. Activities like yoga classes and other fitness and fun activities are conducted on the Juhu beach every day, one can always endure those facilities depending upon your stay if you’re a tourist.

Who does not like rides? Everyone does, there are horse and camel rides on the shores of Juhu beach, they charge up to Rs100- Rs200 per person, usually kids are seen on such rides and advised for kids, as they are light weighted and is comfortable for both the ends to have a ride across the beach. There will be a person along with the horse or camel, with the passenger. These rides along the beach are fun and make it jovial for everyone. Everyone would enjoy the things to do in this Beach.

Foods to try in Juhu beach

The beach is filled with street food stalls from the evening, going for an evening stroll or just to visit the beach then one can always try out the street foods that serve Golgappa, Dahi chaat or other forms of chaat. There are many stalls that serve pav bhaji, missal pav, or even the paratha and bhaji.

There are Chinese stalls that serve both veg and non-veg foods. Varieties of South Indian foods can also be found there, like dosa and idlis too. There is a famous Chinese dosa available there which are must-try for all you south Indian and Chinese lovers, this is one of the best things to do in Juhu Beach.

Cleanliness on the Beach Mumbai

The cleanliness on the beach is a big concern in Mumbai, the beach is the most visited in the area and there are many people who eat and throw plastics or other tid and bits of garbage all around making it dirty. It is advised by people who visit the beach not to loiter around as the beaches’ beauty and peace get unseen between these. Things to do in Juhu Beach are most exciting because of the cleanliness of this beach.

Can people take a dip in the beach?

This is one of the best things to do in Juhu Beach. As exciting the beach sounds, it is dangerous to take a dip in the beach as the depth through the Juhu beach makes it very dangerous for a person to be allowed to take a swim in there, one can always go to an extent of dipping their legs but it is strictly advised not to get in too deep or too far because the depth of the sea starts at a very closer distance from the shore.
Yes, you can have fun with getting water splashed by the sea but to a very small extent. These are some amazing things to do in Juhu Beach.

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