Lalbagh Botanical Garden Bangalore | 25 Acres Tourist Place

Lalbagh is a botanical park located in the main city area of Bangalore. Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the most magistrate beauty in Bangalore due to its flowers and various unique plants present there.

It is a beautiful garden which can be visited by family and friends at any point in time and enjoy a peaceful day there. It is one of the best tourist places in Bangalore.

lalbagh botanical garden map

When and how was Lalbagh Botanical park built? 

Hyder Ali started the planning of Lalbagh in 1760, he did not complete it but his son Tipu Sultan completed the Lalbagh botanical park.

Bagh meaning garden in Hindi and lal means red or beloved and hence the name Lalbagh. It was established as an official Lalbagh botanical garden in the year 1856 by the government.

There was a glasshouse built in the middle of the Lalbagh too for marking the visit of Sir Albert Victor’s grandson of Queen Victoria.

The model was structured after the crystal palace in England, the inspiration was taken from there. The crystal palace was destroyed in 1936 and this glasshouse is the remainder of that palace. The park is over 25 acres today, which was commissioned by the Mysore Ruler Hyder Ali back then and was used later after.

Why must people visit Lalbagh?      

There is a lake in the middle of the Lalbagh Botanical garden, there are benches around too and one can always go there and sit and enjoy the beauty of the garden along with the chilled lake with the cool breeze all over.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden has 100-year-old trees from centuries in there one can always find them there is an evergreen tree too which is named the Christmas tree in the gardens which also has a label at the front and can be identified easily.

 There is a very attractive floral clock around which there are snow white’s seven dwarfs. There is a rose garden in there filled with many multiple plants of beautiful roses.

There is a peninsular gneiss rock is the oldest rock in the garden it is found that it was formed about 3 million years back. There is a bandstand that was there from the 1870s also the hosting of flower shows there for many years.

There is a tree fossil of a coniferous tree it is a collection from the national fossil park which is a must-see.

What are the lalbagh botanical garden entry fee and timings ?

 The Lalbagh gardens are open from 8 AM to 6 PM and everyone is allowed to spend the whole day there without any restrictions. There is food too inside, but all snacks. There is an entry fee for all Rs 10 per person.

The whole garden will take a lot of time to see about 3-4 hours will be required to visit all the places.        

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Flower Show

There is a flower show conducted every year inside the glasshouse which is beautifully arranged. It is a fantastic sight to watch. Every year on Indian Independence Day and Republic Day, there will be an eye-fest of flower show at Lalbagh Botanical Garden. It is one of the most awaited events in Bangalore city. If you are in and around Bangalore at the time of Independence Day or Republic Day, you should not miss this flower show.

Is Photography allowed at Lalbagh?

Horticultural Department has imposed ban on professional shoots at Lalbagh. You will not be allowed to carry professional cameras into this botanical garden. The ban is imposed, as the flash of the cameras may affect the bees inside the garden. However, the ban is only on professional shoots and cameras. You can click pictures with your phone at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

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