Manchanabele dam bangalore | 28 Mtr Beautiful Dam

Manchanabele dam is situated in Ramnagara district, 40kms away from Bangalore. If you love the water, watching it flow and playing in the water then it is a perfect escape to go to on a weekend, away from the polluted city.

With loads of greenery around one can drown in its greenery and be satisfied with what they watch. It is a playful environment too for kids and adults and moreover safe for everyone who visits there. The dam is concealed between trees and bushes allowing people to be around nature.

Manchanabele Dam History

Manchanabele dam is built on the Arkavati river, which supplies water to many households nearby. The dam is visited by many all year long.

It is known for its flora and fauna; one can find various elegant flowers blooming and different types of bushes and trees around the dam.

The dam is also clean and safe for one to play in there. Since the dam is clean and has a lot of greenery around, there are several different birds that can be seen flying around. birds like swans, purple heron, blue kingfisher, oriental honey buzzard, and more.

Things to do in Manchanabele Dam

The dam may sound just basic to some people, but Machanbele damn is just not basic, and here is why. People can do various things and not just play in the water in the Manchanabele dam.

  1. Boating is available in the dam, people can pay up and go boating to the farthest point. The boats are in good condition and are safe too. In the still water there will be only peace around and some cool breeze.
  2. One can always go to a picnic there, play games, have fun and also cook their own food there, like a feast by taking family or friends in a large number would be a fun thing to do.
  3. Bird watching, can be done as a number of birds that are not usually found in the city are always found in the Manchanabele dam. Bird lovers can have a perfect spot all day long just to watch various birds fly over them and have a good peaceful time.
  4. There is trekking too, around the dam you can go trekking with the only greenery around all you will find our serenity and beauty. Trekking is loved by many and will discover a lot of things on the way too.
  5. Camping can be done here to explore nature not just for an hour but the whole day by spreading the camp and tents to enjoy one day fully, around the nature camping is encouraged too.
  6. There are hills and mountains but not very big ones found around the dam, one can always go there to explore and come back too. This is the best place for all the junkies who love their adrenal rush!  

When is the best time to visit the dam?

Summer season is a no-no, there will be not much water so the best time is to go on a winter season, to experience full water and greenery around to the fullest.

Camping, trekking, swimming and much more can be done only in peaceful weather and that cannot be done during the monsoon season as it will be pouring things might get uncomfortable too.

So, the best time is winter after the monsoon season, it will be all peace and beauty around giving the people a very pleasant environment to be in.

How to reach Manchanabele dam? 

Since, it is 40kms away from Bangalore one can always use KSRTC buses from main city points like the KR market and reach the Manchanabele dam. Public transportation will be affordable and easy too not much of a problem or one can use private transportation like cars to travel. 

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