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Marine Drive Mumbai Tourist Places is the topmost attractive and an alluring place in the whole of Mumbai. It is located in southern Mumbai and is stretched for about 3kms with waves hitting the concrete passage built along the drive.

Marine Drive Mumbai is also known as the famous Queen’s Necklace as it forms a C-Shape structure in the form of a necklace with jewels on it making it look spectacular from the top.

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A tidbit on Marine Drive’s history

The very popular queen’s necklace or the marine drive as we know it was built during the colonel rule as a part of developing Mumbai.

This project was built in a way to dump stones around the sea and producing a wider range of road to the west.

This project cam under the scheme BackBay reclamation scheme for the urban development in the second phase, initially it was not meant for tourism but later turned out to be the popular place in Mumbai for tourism, it was originally made as a link between two ports.

Things to do in Marine drive

Marine drive Mumbai is an open space, there is no entry fee or anything as such, the marine drive is known for the high tides splashing across the concrete built on to the people around.

The sunset and sunrise in Mumbai best seen are at the marine drive mumbai, or an evening stroll down the lane is a must do. The wind hitting the face with tiny street stalls and vendors selling snacks can be found.

Photography near the marine drive mumbai is something why people usually go there for, its mesmerizing beauty will make you want to click a ton of pictures for the gram or just plain simple memories.

For all you romance lovers this is the best spot in Mumbai to be with your loved ones or partners, to have a great view of the sea and sunset with a cold breeze hitting by.

According to many tourists and localities, it is said that Marine drive is best visited in the night, with lights ad stars above making it look all glittery and shimmery with just the perfect amount of wind and water splashing on to the sides. The curve of the drive gets sparkly and makes the view 10 times better.

Tourist places near the Marine Drive Mumbai

Marine drive Mumbai being a sea link, the best nearest place is the Chowpatty beach which is about 1.2kms from the marine drive. Chowpatty beach is a must-see.

The nearest places with a distance of 6kms from the drive are Taraporewala aquarium it is one of India’s oldest aquariums and houses many fishes of freshwater and marine water. And is just 1.9kms away from the drive.

Shree Chandeshwar Mandir 2.4 km away from the marine drive is in between the chawls of Mumbai, it is a temple full of silence and calm that is why it is very popular amongst the localities.

St. Teresa’s church, Wankhede stadium 2.6kms away from the marine drive Mumbai is a worthwhile visit place nearby.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus which is about 4.3kms away from the drive and Thomas Cathedral about 4.9kms from the drive which is considered historic and is in the historic part of Mumbai for which one is suggested to book an advance visit spot due to the over crowd at times in the cathedral.

And then there is the famous Gateway of India 5.9kms away from the drive which is famous for its historic event and which is why Mumbai is famous for is definitely a must visit.

Restaurants to try near by the marine drive

In around the marine drive there are a couple of restaurants that come under the best food served category.

Which are Pizza by the bay which serves authentic Bombay spiced style pizza. The K. Rustom Ice cream known for its Sandwich ice cream head there for a final desert after a great meal.

Bombay vintage a Bombay based restaurant which serves Bombay style delicacies and has a Maharashtrain vibe in the restaurant.

If you love cafes then the best one to visit in and around the drive is the mockingbird café bar which serves may delicious foods and beverages.

All kebab lovers the perfect place for some hot and spicy kebabs is the Kebab corner known for its Indian flavoured spiced kebabs in cheap rates and best taste. 

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