Maruti Temple Panaji Goa | 100-Year-Old Beautiful Temple

When we talk about Goa, the first thing that comes to mind is beaches and water. But there are a lot of other amazing tourist places you should not miss in Goa. You read that right. Yes, one of those amazing places is Maruti Temple Goa. Sri Maruti Temple in Panaji is one of the majestically built temples. This has one of the most scene temples. Maruti temple is a Portuguese built Hanuman Temple.

Let us tell you more about why you should visit Sri Maruti Temple Panaji. This historic temple is incredible and you should not miss visiting this place if you love ancient places and spiritual. Sri Maruti temple Goa is located in Panjim, North Goa. It is on a hilltop on the Altinho hill. The Maruti temple has the shrine of Lord Hanuman. The Lord Hanuman shrine is apparently seen from the main street as it is a gigantic shrine, prayed by many all day long.

The temple is lit up every night make it look beautiful from a hill. Also, there is a remarkable lamp which is in the shape of an octogen which can be seen and is a beautiful piece.

It is an orange temple with beautiful architecture, with a marvelous interior in the whole temple. The temple is attended by many especially during the 10-day festivities which are always held in the month of February. The Maruti temple Goa is the most important temples in Panjim.

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History of Maruti Temple Goa

The Maruti temple Goa was built by the leaders during the Portuguese times, leaders of the Gomantak Saraswettekar Samaj, in 1934 23rd of January that time the temple was considerably small, in the year 1980 the temple was built even bigger than the original it was renovated.

What is the temple known for?

The famous zatra of the temple which has been held from the year 1944. The zatra is done by many rituals starting from 5am.  It starts by abhishekha, followed by panchyavachan, next Maturka Pujan, then lastly the Nandi shraddha.

The next day the shrine of the lord is taken out for a stroll followed by aarti and more pujas. And many people take part in these festivities too.

These festivities are must attend in the Maruti temple.

How to reach the Maruti temple Goa?  

The Maruti temple Goa can be reached by various transportations. It is in the main city and capital of Goa Panjim.

One can rent bikes or rent cars and take cabs/ taxis, to reach the temple. The temple can be reached through the road very easily.

One can use the Duboliam airport to reach Goa then take up a cab from there until Panjim and then continue.

Also, the temple can be reached by buses, the bus stop nearby is the Kadamba bus terminal. One can use the buses from Panjim bus station until the Kadmaba bus station.    

Tips to go to the temple

Since it is a Hindu Deity temple it is advised to wear something traditional keeping in mind the Hindu culture, wearing a kurta or a saree preferably or else something more comfortable as there is a small trek to reach the hill and the temple.

The tour of the temple will take about 30 mins, one must eat and go as there will be no food inside except for prasadam.

It is advised not to click pictures inside the temple of the shrine, and one must keep their phones on silent.

One must also clean themselves before entering the temple as it is an important rule and one must not neglect it either.

The offerings for the temple can be taken from outside like incense sticks and flowers, fruits etc

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