‘Money Heist’ Part 6: Coming to Netflix in December 2021 & What to Expect

‘Money Heist’ Part 6: Coming to Netflix in December 2021 & What to Expect

Extortion – Copyright. Netflix

The world will be serene Extortion of money Hello and goodbye with famous lyrics like Bella Xiao Extortion of money December 2021 on Netflix. We saw five amazing episodes Extortion of money, And below we will discuss what to expect from the final episode by tracking trailers, clips and Netflix release dates.

The Spanish phenomenon is one of the most polarizing demonstrations in the last five years, crossing the language barrier and entertaining tens of millions of non-Spanish speakers around the world. While we are still waiting for the viewing figures from Part 5, we know that Part 4 Money Heist became the most viewed non-English title when tuned in by over 65 million families in the first month.

It’s a long road of twists and turns, but we can’t wait to see what the final part will be Extortion of money There is storage for us.

When is Extortion of money Part 6 Netflix Release Date?

The last part of Extortion of money Will be released on Netflix Friday, December 3, 2021.

What to expect from Extortion of money Part 6?

There is so much to expect from the last part Extortion of money.

Will Alicia hand over the professor to the police?

Like the robbery staff, Alicia is now one of the most desirable women in Spain, Europe and around the world. After confronting the professor and knocking down Marseille and Benjamin, Alicia, who is pregnant, gives birth. The last thing we saw about Alicia was she took a pair of players from the bathroom and hid them inside her sleeve. This means that Alicia is not yet fully on the side of the professor, and there is still a great chance that she will be the catalyst for the fall of the thieves, at least at the end of the professorship.

It is clear why Alicia would betray the professor. The last thing she wants to do is run away from the police all her life while trying to raise her child. Handing the professor over to the police may earn her a place back in Colonel Tamayo’s good grace.

Money Heist Part 6 Alicia Professor

Although the professor helped her give birth, Alicia is still under threat – copyright. Netflix

Will the robbery crew die or escape?

The death of Nairobi was devastating to the staff, and the death of Tokyo had a similar effect on their mentality. Since there were no more hostages, the only thing that kept Tamayo from sending the full force of police and army was the Colonel’s excellent recording of the pledged gold and the professor.

Naturally, we hope that one or two of the looting crew will perish, but even if it does not mean that the gold has been stolen, we hope to see some survivors. He is one of the few people we want to escape, as he has started a total robbery to get Rio back from the hands of the police.

One can only imagine at this rate how the crew on Earth would escape.

Money Heist Part 6 Heist Crew

Money Heist – Copyright. Netflix

Will Raphael join in the theft?

One of the subplots in Volume 5 Extortion of money Raphael, the son of the Berlin Cyber ​​Security Wiz, was introduced. Despite his reluctance and dissatisfaction, Raphael eventually learned to enjoy the rush of thefts and looked to join the family business. However, those events preceded the Spanish Mint robbery, and the professor had not yet seen or included Raphael in a robbery.

Raphael may have actually been expelled from the family. Because, we think Raphael and Tatiana fled together, heartbreakingly, but probably impressed Berlin.

Raphael is currently on the wild card, and with his help, the staff and the professor can find a way to escape.

Money Heist Part 6 Raphael

Is Raphael important enough to escape Heifes? – Copyright. Netflix

Is Tokyo really dead?

There are many twists and turns throughout Extortion of money, But sadly no one can live with four grenades in their chest. Tokyo’s sacrifice gave the crew more time because she was able to kill Gandya, Sagasta and the majority of Special Forces personnel.

Money Heist Part 6 Tokyo

Bella Xiao Tokyo – Copyright. Netflix

Our first special look at Part 6

At the Netflix Today event, we were treated to our first look at the last part of Money Heist. As the professor secretly stays away from the coms and the building is still surrounded by police, the robbery crew argues about how to escape and what to do with all the gold.

What is the episode count for Part 6?

The last part of Extortion of money Will be released with five episodes. With the end of Money Heist, there will be 41 exciting episodes.

This is why it was the last season / episode Extortion of money?

All good things must come to an end, but fans can’t stop being disappointed that one of their favorite shows is almost over.

Alex Pina, creator Extortion of money, Addressed at the end of the series in several interviews. Going to new projects like Sky Rojo is a big credit.

Another big reason for the series to come to an end is the demand of the cast. As Extortion of money Has an incredible ensemble, each passing season further increasing the popularity of the cast. With a cast with star demand‌ it is very difficult to keep up with the performances when they are in high demand.

Are you excited for Part 6? Extortion of money? Let us know in the comments below!

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