Nandi Hills bangalore | 4849 ft Incredible Tourist Place in India

Nandi Hills located on the outskirts of Bangalore, near the New Bangalore Airport. It is one of the best tourist places in Bangalore, many people even Bangalore residents love visiting the hills very frequently too.

It is very famous and occupied and crowded almost every weekend. It is a popular spot for hangout and is very adventurous too.

Bangalore being the capital city is a very busy city, also known as the IT hub, to escape the reality of everyday one must go to the Nandi hills it is a massive hill and is perfect to visit any time before it gets dark.

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What is the history of Nandi Hills?

The Nandi hill fortress was first found by the Ganga Dynasty later on Tipu Sultan came along and strengthened and built the fortress. Nandi hills are in the town of Nandi.

The hills are to have a traditional belief that it gave rise to many rivers like the Arkavathy river, Ponnaiyar river, Palar river, Papagni river, and Penna river. During the Chola dynasty period, Nandi Hills was known as the Ananda Giri which meant the hills of happiness.

Yoga Nandeeshwara was also is said to have performed penance in these hills and hence the name derived from him. In the year 1300, the temple at the top of the hill was built for Nandi and hence the name. the hills derive its name from various ancient times stories and happenings.

What are the top attractions at Nandi Hills?

It is a very large area to be explored. It has many attractions points. One of them is the Tipu’s drop which is at 600 m high and has a beautiful view beating every other attraction point. It has a very calm and soothing environment a perfect place to watch the sunset or sunrise.

There is a Bhogi Nandeeshwara temple a little walk away from the Nandi Hills which has a rich history and the temple was built way long back with all ancient architecture. A large area of temples and space with a bit of greenery too.

There is an Amrita Sarovar which is built in a little depth with steps surrounding it, there are many turtles and fishes inside. It is built like a small well-like structure but accessible by steps and is a fun place to sit around and have a good time

How to reach Nandi hills?

Nandi hills a very famous hill in Bangalore is very near to the airport. Everyone coming outside of Bangalore either can use the airplane or buses and trains. From Bangalore, one can use private transport to reach Nandi hills a car, or tempo.

There are buses too which drop off passengers until Nandi hills after which visitors can do the trek or take a car or auto until the last point of using the vehicles. One can always use cycles too, to reach until the point of the last usage of vehicles.

Is there a place to stay in Nandi hills?

Nandi hills are very accessible in every form, there are resorts and lodges right inside the hills. The lodges are right where the vehicles keeping moving on the hills. It is very safe to reside in too.

If you are a visitor directly coming from the airport, then it is safe to say that you can visit Nandi hills directly and you can stay there and freshen up too.

What are the foods to try in Nandi hills?    

Food can a very essential thing for a place to be visited, Nandi hills have it all covered. As it falls on the road to the airport there are many restaurants to try on the Highway.

The best place to go for is the Indian Paratha Company which is very authentic and has a great ambiance which serves north Indian parathas and more. On the Nandi hills, there are about many stalls of ice cream and chaats and Chinese food available. On the hills to there is no deprivation of food.

To try authentic south Indian food there is a stall selling Idli and vadas and many more south Indian dishes too. On the way to Nandi hills, one can find many small stalls serving delicious Maggie, which can make anyone’s day, after all, who does not love Maggie?  There are various flavors and recipes of Maggie available all along the way which is a must-try.

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