Necklace Road Hyderabad, 3 Awesome Parks to Visit

Necklace Road name itself indicates that it looks like a necklace, this is because it is like a necklace around the famous tank bund. If one wants to explore the journey through the whole road then there are three parks worth-visiting and tops the list of necklace road Hyderabad places to visit.

Anybody who visits Hyderabad would want to explore Necklace road. That’s obvious. But what are the activities you can do in Necklace Road Hyderabad? What are the exciting places you should visit near Necklace Road? If this is what running in your mind, this blog is an answer to all your thoughts. The necklace road is an absolute fun both day and night. So let us tell you the right way to have fun at this place.

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Necklace Road Places to Visit

There are many exciting necklace road places to visit. The topmost necklace road places to visit include NTR Gardens, Lumbini Park, and Sanjeevaiah park. Along with these places, there are many more small necklace road places to visit and have fun. Let us take you through those places.

1. NTR Gardens

The NTR gardens come first in the list of Necklace Road places to visit with family & friends. This garden is an entertainment and leisure destination that was built to honor one of the great leaders, this place has a very calm atmosphere that is just amazing to sit and look at the sky, on the other hand, it does have a lot of games especially for kids to have fun. When one enters they’ll find a toy train in which they can take a ride to get an outlook about everything present in the garden.

The best part after the rides comes to the many varieties of food spread around the 50 acres of place. Additionally to make it even the best choice for one to visit it has a boating service that takes you to the nearby Hussain Sagar lake and there is the option of pedal boats for you to take with friends or family.

2. Lumbini Park

This park is famous among the kids for its amusement rides but it is extremely popular for its greenery and the multiple types of rocks present in the park. The Buddha Statue that is seen from the whole Necklace Road can be accessed from through a boat or even a ferry which will be available from morning to the evening and when one returns in the evening they have things that they can watch here like the 3D laser show or even the musical fountain show which are amazing themselves and shouldn’t be missed.

This place should be visited in the colder months over the summer because the heat is very persistent here during the hotter months. There are multiple food joints that are around this park and shouldn’t be missed and if you’re into water sports than Jalavihar is a must-go place.

3. Sanjeevaiah Park

This park isn’t known for its amusement rides or food but for the general beauty that it has gotten from the wide range of plants, flowers, birds, and even the butterflies. In short, this might be the pick for nature lovers as they would just love to explore the whole garden without any disturbance whatsoever, if lucky enough then migratory birds even travel to this park so it is just the place to take photos for building one’s photography skills.

On the whole, the necklace road is a long road and has many this to do in different parts, there are multiple restaurants serving extremely mouth-watering food that people wouldn’t expect so the only suggestion that a proper Hyderabadi will be giving is that exploration is key and from any part on the road where the lake is seen is a beautiful view of the sunset.

Some of the best restaurants here are Tansen restaurant, Ohri’s 70MM, Bade Miya Kababs, The Water Front, and last but not the least Hyderabadi Chowpatty.

Night Life at Necklace Road

Along with some amazing necklace road places to visit, the nightlife at Necklace Road is colorful. Especially this road has got an amazing place to have relaxing evenings watching the sunset. Many people celebrate birthday cake cuttings here. However, you need to celebrate calmly and carefully as there will be continuous police patrolling.

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