Netflix Animated Miniseries ‘Maya and the Three’ Coming to Netflix in October 2021

Maya and three Netflix animated miniseries

Maya and three – copyright. Mexoplis

Netflix’s last 2021 lineup is strengthening day by day, and with the announcement of the stunning and beautifully animated miniseries Maya and three Coming up this October‌, it gives us all sorts of excitement. Featuring an excellent lineup of Latin-American voice actors along with some of the best animations we’ve seen in 2021, you should not miss Maya and three On Netflix.

Maya and three Upcoming Netflix Original Animated Miniseries by George R. Directed and created by Gutierrez. Maya and the three stories combine a blend of Aztec, Maya and other myths with modern Caribbean culture.

The animated series was produced by Maxoplis and Tangent Animation.

When is Maya and three Netflix release date?

Netflix announced Maya and three Available for broadcast on Netflix Friday, October 22, 2021.

What is the storyline Maya and three?

Summary for Maya and three Provided by Netflix:

In the fairy world, magic will turn the world upside down and four kingdoms will rule the lands, with the brave and rebellious warrior princess Maya celebrating her fifteenth birthday and coronation. But when the underworld gods come and declare that the magical life is lost to the god of war, everything changes, the price she has to pay for her family secret past. If Maya refuses, the whole world will suffer the vengeance of the gods. Maya embarks on a thrilling quest to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the arrival of three great warriors who will help save her beloved family, her friends and her own life, defeat the gods and save mankind.

Maya and the three Netflix animated miniseries Princess Maya

Princess Maya – Copyright. Mexoplis

Who is the cast Maya and three?

Maya and the Three is an all-star ensemble that features some of the most famous Latinos in Hollywood.

Character Cast member Where have I seen / heard this before?
Maya Joe Saldana Avatar | Star Trek | Guardians of the Galaxy
The widowed queen Isabel Merced Transformers: The Last Night | Instant Family | Dora and the Lost City of Gold
Chimi Stephanie Beatriz Brooklyn Nine-Nine | Short Term 12 | Lego Movie 2
God of earthquakes Danny Trejo Machet | From dusk to dawn | Machet was killed
Jaguar Tripod Gayle Garcia Bernal Mozart in the jungle | And your mom too | Motorcycles Diaries
Lord Miktlan Alfred Molina Spider-Man 2 | Frida | Boogie Nights
God of bats Joaquin Cosio Comfort Quantum | Hell | Spider-Man: Spider-Poem
Jatz Diego Luna Rogue One | The Book of Life | Narcos: Mexico
Goddess of donors Rosie Perez White men can not jump | Fearless | Birds of a feather flock
Grand witch Queen Latifah Hairspray | Chicago | Bringing down the house
Ah Puch Rita Moreno West Side Story | Oz | King and I.
Lady Might In Kate del Castillo The Book of Life | Under the same moon | 33
God of the storm / god of the wind Cheech Marin Born in East LA Tin Cup | In the smoke
Madness Gabriel Iglesias Magic Mike XXL | Ferdinand | Nut job
Rico Allen Maldonado Sneaker Heads | Last OG | Black
God of dark magic Carlos Alzraqui The Fairly Add Parents | Flights | Happy feat
God of wild animals Eric Bouza Space Jam: New Legacy | Transformers: Robots in disguise | Duck Tales
Goddess of Tattoos Chelsea Rendon Bright | McFarland | Vida
Barbaric princess Carolina Rawassa Affair | Overwatch | Mr. Robot
Grand Warlock Wycliffe Jean Stay cool | Nashville | Dirty
TBA George R. Gutierrez Rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | Elena of Avelor | The Book of Life
Coralia Haley Hermida Elena of Avelor | Anonymous Assassins | Class

What the whole episode counts for Maya and three?

Miniseries is confirmed to have a total of nine episodes.

Runtimes have not been confirmed but we expect that each episode will have a runtime of between 23 and 30 minutes.

Maya and the goddess of the three Netflix animated miniseries

Copyright. Mexoplis

Are you looking forward to the release Maya and three On Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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