Netflix Anime Movie ‘Drifting Home’: Coming to Netflix in 2022 & Everything We Know So Far

Netflix anime movie drifting home Netflix is ​​coming to 2022

Studio Colorado, the studio behind A mustache away Is producing another amazing new anime movie for Netflix, Drifting home. Coming to Netflix in 2022, we will keep track of everything you need to know Drifting home, Including the plot, reveals the cast, trailers and especially the Netflix release date.

Drifting home The upcoming Netflix original Japanese film is directed by Hiroshi Ishida and written by Hayoshi Mori. Ishida is known for her work Penguin Highway And Fumico’s confession, famous for working on popular anime titles such as Mori Cells at work! And Black Black.

After its release, Drifting home This is the third film produced by Studio Colorado A mustache away And Penguin Highway.

When is Drifting home Netflix release date?

The exact release date has not been given by Netflix, however, we do know Drifting home Coming to Netflix sometime in 2022. Since it was announced in early fall / autumn 2021, we can only imagine it Drifting home Comes sometime early or in the spring of 2022.

This feature will also be released in theaters in Japan in 2022.

What is the storyline Drifting home?

On a hot summer day, Kosuke and his friends visit an apartment building abandoned due to demolition, but the group finds themselves strange. Kosuke and his friends have to go home somehow after discovering that an endless ocean surrounds them.

Drifting Home Netflix Anime Movie Poster

Who are the cast members Drifting home?

We are still waiting for the cast of the Japanese dub and English dub to be revealed.

Are you excited for the release Drifting home On Netflix in 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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