Netflix K-Drama ‘Juvenile Justice’ Coming to Netflix in January 2022

Netflix K Drama Juvenile Justice Season 1 Coming to Netflix on January 2022

Juvenile Justice – Copyright. Netflix

2022 is going to be a busy start for K-dramas on Netflix, with the release of the exciting new drama series Juvenile Justice. We track everything you need to know about Juvenile Justice, including the plot, cast, trailer and Netflix release date, starring Hyena’s Kim Hee Soo.

Juvenile is an upcoming South Korean Netflix original crime-drama series directed by Jong Zhang Chan and written by screenwriter Kim Min Sook.

When is Juvenile Justice Season 1 Netflix release date?

It has also been revealed that Juvenile Justice will be coming to Netflix sometime in January 2021 via Netflix during TUDUM. We have not been given an exact release date, but we hope to learn more soon.

What is the storyline Juvenile Justice?

A judge known for his reluctance towards juveniles has been appointed to a new juvenile court in Yonwa district. Having been a child offender in her teens, she faces a variety of cases involving juvenile delinquents and other teenagers that can help her learn what it means to be an adult.

Who are the cast members Juvenile Justice?

Kim Hee Soo Hyena Our infamous judge Shim Yoon Seok will lead the series. The actress made a successful return to TV four years later, and is still the most popular actress in South Korea to this day, beginning her career as a child actor in the late 1980s.

Netflix K Drama Juvenile Justice Season 1 Kim Hai Soo

Kim Hai Soo in Hyena (left)

Kim Mu Yeol recently appeared on Netflix’s South Korean sci-fi Epic Space Sweepers, which is loved by fans around the world.

Netflix K Drama Juvenile Justice Season 1 Kim Mu Yeol

Kim Mu Yeol in Bad Guys: City of Evil

The main characters of Juvenile Justice Confirmed:

Character Cast member Where I have seen / heard before
Shim Yoon Seok Kim Hai Soo Code | The Queen of Office | Hyena
Cha Te Zoo Kim Mu Yeol My beautiful bride | Bad Guys: City of Evil | Forgotten
Kong Won Joong Lee Sung Min Money Game | Memory | Misang: Incomplete life

All supporting roles Juvenile Justice Also confirmed:

Character Cast member Where I have seen / heard before
And Gyun Hee Lee Jung Yun Law School | Once again | Love my holo
Go Kong Shik Park Jong-hwan Green Fever | Lover | Familiarity
Woo Soo Mi Park Ji Yun Miss Ma, Nemesis | Sweet enemy | Life
Sio bum Shin Jae Hwi Half Fifty | 3 AM | A class of lies
TBA Kim Chan Hyung Jail | Twenty | Alien + People

Are you looking forward to the release Juvenile Justice On Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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