Netflix Period Drama Series ‘Transatlantic’: What We Know So Far

Netflix Period Drama Series ‘Transatlantic’: What We Know So Far

Expanding the library of international content, Netflix has signed a multi-year creative partnership with author and creator Anna Winger. Unusual And her production company Airlift Productions. One of the first projects to come out of this deal was the tentatively named New Period Drama Series Atlantic.

Based in Berlin, Airlift is working with writers around the world on projects set in Europe, Africa and the UK. The winger also works with the Netflix Grow Creative initiative to nurture the next generation of talent in Europe.

“Berlin is a crossroads for international artists. As an American living and working here, away from Hollywood, my work is deeply rooted in local conversations. Unusual Experience has given life to ambitious projects. “

Anna Winger

Rachel Exbeen, Netflix Original Series Director:

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Anna. She saw the magic సహ while collaborating UnusualWe already know about her unique talent in turning stories into thrilling global hits. The combination of Anna’s creative vision and our aspirations for our growing European drama presentation is perfectly aligned. Together with Anna and team at Airlift Productions, we look forward to presenting their series to our members in Germany and around the world.

What is the storyline Atlantic?

Netflix Atlantic Inspired by the Emergency Rescue Committee and the real adventures of Julie Orange’s 2019 novel. Flight portfolio. Here is a summary of the novel:

In 1940, Varian Fry went to Marseille with three thousand dollars and a list of weak artists and writers hoping to help him escape in a matter of weeks. Instead, he stayed for more than a year, collecting false documents, raising emergency funds and arranging trips across Spain and Portugal, leaving for safer ports for refugees. Many of his clients include Hannah Arendt, Max Ernest, Marcel Duchamp and Mark Chagall, and the forbidden love of competing against time to save them, high adventure and unpredictable courage.

Who starred in it Atlantic?

As of September 2021, cast members for Netflix have not been announced Atlantic.

What is the status of the product Atlantic?

The series is currently in pre-production and will be filmed soon.

What is the Netflix release date Atlantic?

Netflix has not set a release date Atlantic, But we do not expect it to come into the streamer earlier than the end of 2022.

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