New Turkish Shows & Movies on Netflix in 2021

New Turkish Shows & Movies on Netflix in 2021

Turkish shows and movies often resonate with netflixers around the world. Their growing popularity means that Netflix has licensed and produced new movies and TV series from the area. Here are all the new Turkish shows and movies added to Netflix by 2021 so far.

For a preview of some other Turkish series and movies in 2021, we got our dedicated preview, which will be republished in December. For a complete list of Turkish exhibitions and films, see our Library page. Finally, we also got a list of new Turkish titles added in 2020.

Netflix Original Turkish Releases in 2021


Director: Durul Talon, Yagmoor Talon
Cast: Engine Gonaidan, Haluk Biljiner, Binnur Kaya, Ener Ercon, Arem Sack, Fatih Artman
Runtime: 96 minutes
Is an English dub available ?: Nope
Added to Netflix: January 8

Netflix is ​​rather stuck

The year began with the Stuck Apartment, led by Haluk Bill Zinner, who appeared in the 2020 Netflix original Turkish movie Leela Everlasting.

The film follows a man facing a lonely middle life crisis and hopes to overcome it with the help of his friends.

With other reviews it can be said that the script top cast did not do justice between dark comedy and traditional drama.

50M2 (Season 1)

Cast: Engine Ozturk, Coryat Allniasic, Cengiz Bozkurt, Ibuke Pusat, Tolga Tekin, Ozgur Emre Yildirim, Isit Kirazzee
Is an English dub available ?: Yes
Added to Netflix: January 27

This action / thriller series seems to be a model on things like Bourne Identity, which tells the story of a hitman who tries to find out what his identity is after fleeing from his former owners and setting up residence in a tailor shop.

The reviews on this Turkish action series, which are often subject to dark and absurd comedy, are very kind. It has a 7.0 to 10 rating on IMDb, but it has not yet been confirmed where the second season will take place.

Paper Lives

Director: Meteor can
Cast: Uağatay Ulusoy, Emir Ali Dogrul, Ersin Arıcı, Turgay Tanülkü, Selen Aztürk, Osman Iskender Bayer, Tomris Cetinel, Volkan Caliskan, Mehmet Bahattin Genç, Oksan Bioük
Runtime: 97 minutes
Is an English dub available ?: Yes
Added to Netflix: March 12

Paper Lives Netflix

The film, described as a tearjerker, finds a warehouse worker who has little meaning in his life after taking the little boy under his wing. The story doesn’t stop there as he constantly faces his own tough childhood.

According to an IMDb review, this one clock is just under 7.0 out of 10, with many praising the solid performance of popular actor Kagate Ulusoy. Some locals in Istanbul, where the film takes place, said the film represented the poorest sections of the region.

Have you ever seen fireflies?

Director: Andak Hajnedarogs
Cast: Essem Erkek, Engine Alcon, Devrim Yakut, Merv Dizdar, Ushan Kakir, Bulent Kolak, Ahmed Rifat Shungar, Sinan Bangier, Asuman Dabak, Fatih Ozkan, Bora Akkas
Runtime: 114 minutes
Is an English dub available ?: Yes
Added to Netflix: April 9

This comedy-drama sees a man facing losses and loneliness in his life, but also changes around him in the form of political turmoil and social change.

Most reviews put the movie in the middle of the road, some wrote that it was half baked and it was too slow to make a real impact.

We will cover the licensed section in just a minute, the play based on this movie also dropped on Netflix this year.


Cast: Burku Birisik, Ushur Yasel, Mehmet Yalmaz Ak, Hazal Torreson, Gailine Coulter Sahin
Is an English dub available ?: Yes
Added to Netflix: April 27

Fatma Netflix

This 6-episode thriller series House Cleaner will inevitably break up after a major tragedy in her life and carry out a massacre in the hope that she will find her missing husband.

The reviews for this series from critics and audiences have been very strong. While many say the series is an emotional rollercoaster, others say the series is out of your word.

Last summer

Director: Ozone acetone
Cast: Aslihan Malbora, Halit Azgar Sari, Is Sesmioglu
Runtime: 101 minutes
Added to Netflix: July 9

This Turkish teen drama is very heartwarming because you are going on a journey with Deniz, he is trying to make summer to remember his summer, but you have to navigate the difficult love triangle.

Last Summer had a rating of 6.3 / 10 on IMDb, with reviews ranging from empty movie to others praising how honest and sincere the movie was for the teen movie.

Netflix is ​​a Turkish film licensed in the US

For those in the United States (and more often but you should check your Netflix app) you also received licensed Turkish movies and TV shows this year.

Here are the titles listed in order of availability and still available:

  • Wednesday Sunday (2015) – When a big developer closes it and comes to town to open a new mall, the owner of the public bathhouse rallies his community to protect it.
  • Music / The Miracle (2015) – Sent from his family to a remote mountain town, teacher Mahir helps the villagers build a school – and inspires the path of expectation for all of them.
  • Romantic Comedy (2010) – Bored in her life, inspired by a friend’s marriage, Ezra quits her job, leaves her boyfriend, and leads to a series of sexual abuses.
  • Romantic Comedy 2: The Bachelorette (2013) -Didem tried to propose to actor Semni, but he had other things on his mind: a handsome new co-star and a secret bachelor party.
  • You are everything to me -When an older child appears with their babe, the male-father must play the role of father and create a wonderful world for his daughter.
  • Keeping bees / covan (2020) – Aye returned to her Black Sea hometown from Germany and set out to satisfy her mother’s dying wish – to look after her beloved bee farms.
  • In the Family (2017) -In the midst of the marital crisis, Fikret befriends the songwriter Solmaz after an absurd encounter and has to fill in as a father to her soon-to-be-married daughter.
  • Wedding Society (2013) – On the first day of Ramadan, Ismail joins friends on a road trip to a mosque and meets his son, who, in Ismail’s anger, plans a hasty wedding.
  • Marriage Society 2: Circumcision (2015) -Ismail and his old screwball staff immerse themselves in hot water as his grandson’s circumcision becomes a city-wide event.
  • Grandpa Plug (2016) -When the life support for a brain dead family patriarch is about to be taken away, his family members gather and plot to see who will get his money.
  • Deliha (2014) Low in intellect but high in confidence, Dotti Deliha focused on the hunky photographer who opens the shop in his neighborhood.
  • Gora (2004) – Carpet dealer and UFO photo forger Arif abducted by aliens. On the planet Gora, he helps friends to escape from an asteroid attack and find freedom.
  • Kiss of Life (2015) High-Strong Metin finally stopped seeing doom and gloom in every corner when he met Hayat, but she had her own soul search.
  • Kara Bela (2015) -The unnatural life of a middle-aged Kudret turns upside down when a road trip for a living with killers in pursuit of hot turns into a wild race.
  • Husband Factor / Talk About Your Husband (2015) -The 30-year-old, who has never taken the traditional path to love, was trained by her friends and family before reconnecting with her high school crush.
  • Talk About Your Husband 2: The Resurrection (2016) – Efson finds Mr. Wright in Sinan and their relationship takes a serious turn. But their extraordinary families quickly complicate the romance.
  • My Travel Buddy / My Travel Buddy (2017) – A few days ago, a salesman was fired from his job and went to Avalik to meet his girlfriend’s family, but his Johnny Travel Buddy missed the trip.
  • Niazi Gul Galloping (2015) -Seeing the formula behind the magical elixir given to him by his father, a veterinary professor gets caught up in a brat race scheme.
  • Vijontelle (2001) – In 1974, a rural town in Anatolia received its first television set.
  • Have you ever seen fireflies? Have you ever seen a firefly? – Theater Play (1999) – Yalmaz Erdogan’s acclaimed theatrical play WonderKind Golseren’s life as he navigates social and political changes.
  • I am happy for what I did (2020) -A glimpse into the life and decades-long career of Turkish performer Metin Akpaner through personal interviews with him and his contemporaries.

Note: Duration has been available on Netflix in 2021 for a limited time, but has been gone ever since.

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