Penna Ahobilam Temple | Ahobilam Temple | Anantapur

Ahobilam Temple also known as Penna Ahobilam Temple is located at a distance of 36 kilometres from Anantapur District. Anantapur is the largest district in Rayalaseema region in the State of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. The district headquarters of Anantapur District, is a combination of both city and village environments. Anantapur is a true destination of history, art, culture, and tradition.

Penna Ahobilam Narasimha Swamy Temple is constructed near the banks of Penna river stream. It is also very near to the Uravakonda which is just 12 kilometres away.

The temple is located quite at a top of around 2800 feet above seal level. This is built during the reign of Vijayanagar Dynasty.

Ahobilam Temple

This temple is a destiny for special weddings. The local inhabitants believe that people need to have their wedding ceremony performed in this temple for a happy, successful, and a fulfilling married life.

The Name Ahobilam

The word Ahobilam literally is Aho Balam and it literally means Oh! What a Power! This temple is dedicated to Lord Narasimha Swamy. The complex of temples consist of two other temples as well, which are of Adi Lakshmi Devi Temple and Chenchu Lakshmi Devi.

The temple was built on the foot imprints of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy measuring 5 feet 3 inches.

It is believed that the Ugra Sthambham which is on the top of the hill is the pillar from which Narasimha Swamy came of to kill the villain Hiranya Kasyapa.

The term Narasimha is derived from two words Nara Simha. The combination of half-man and half-lion. It is said that Lord Vishnu came as Narasimha to save his devotee Prahlada from his father Hiranya Kasyapa.

History of Penna Ahobilam Temple – The Narasimha Swamy Temple

As the inscriptions on the temple walls speak to us, it can be concluded by the archaeologists that the temple is dated anywhere between eighth (8) to sixteenth (16) centuries.

Also, it is believed that somewhere around late 1400s, this grandiose temple was built by one of the Kings in the Vijayanagara Dynasty, King Sadashivaraya.

Near Ahobilam Temple Water Falls

Ahobilam Temple
Some attractions nearby Ahobilam Temple

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The First Thoughts about the Trip

Would I be able to cover trip to Penna Ahobilam Temple in a day?
Sure, you can. However, you need to be physically fit. Being your fitness put to test, you would be easily able to finish your trip in a single day. All the devotees would be able to finish off their trips in a single day.

Do I need to engage a guide?

All the trips to temples are easily accessible with minimum to no cost. Hence none needed, until and unless you have any language barrier and a history buff who needs a lot of information about the architecture and legends.

Do’s & Don’ts

The number of Do’s would be larger in number when compared to Dont’s. However, the first and the foremost to have during your trip is adequate water and a lot of energizers.

How Do I Penna Ahobilam Temple?

A lot of direct bus facilities are available, including private transport as well as public transport at regular intervals and frequency. This includes both the railways as well as the roadways. A plentiful options and packages including taxis are available.

Devotees and history buffs, get ready to explore and experience the devotion and fulfill your quest to get more acquainted about the history and culture of the southern part of India.

Be assured that your trip to the temples around would be worthwhile and you would say… truly, it is an amazing India.