Penukonda Fort – The Natural Citadel in Anantapur

Penukonda Fort is located in Anantapur district. It is the largest district in Rayalaseema region in the State of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. The district headquarters of Anantapur District, is a combination of both city and village environments. Anantapur is a true destination of history, art, culture, and tradition.

The second capital during the time of Vijayanagar Kingdom, Penukonda Fort is one of the major tourist attractions. The meaning of Penukonda is big hill located around 70 kilometres from Anantapur.

according to the famous archaeologists, who have done an in-depth research on the inscriptions on it were able to come to a conclusion that it was built during the era of vira virupanna udaiyar, of the bukka dynasty of vijayanagar.

The fort was earlier known as Ghanagiri. You must visit the humongous idol of Lord Hanuman inside the Fort.

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penukonda fort

The Penukonda Fort is a symbol of Tranquility
A true symbol of tranquility and peace amongst both the religions, Hindu and Muslim. You can witness this display of serenity inside the Penukonda Fort through multiple mosques and temples.

Within the Fort, a must visit, Sher Khan Mosque is the famous one. Apart from that, a palace built in 16th century, The Gagan Mahal Palace, will take you back to the ancient times. To demonstrate harmony and unity between multiple religions, the Babayya Darga was built which is a palace too.

Enter the Penukonda Fort through Yerramanchi Gate

A spell bound experience would be to enter the fort through a humongous gate called Yerramanchi Gate. You can visit the 11 feet tall Lord Hunuman Idol next to the Yerramanchi Gate.

An Adventure into the Past
Indeed your trip is going to be an adventure into the past!! The locations where the fire arms and ammunition were used to be placed, show you the glimpse of how powerful the armory and weaponry were at that point in time. The fort tells you a lot of stories about battles it has witnessed.

Be ensured that throughout your entire trip the echoes of the past makes you understand the glory which the town had.

The Whole Trek

Lasting for about a couple of hours, trekking the entourage of the fort needs you to be physically fit and needs a significant amount of stamina. You would be put to test and that is the fact, still you would enjoy the odyssey through the fort.

The Legends

The view from the top of the fort of the entire town explains that it is not only a fort town, but also a town of more than 350 temples. As always these tell you a lot of stories and some of the legends during that period of time.

The locals still believe that there is a lot of hidden wealth in multiple places across the fort. After the collapse of the Kingdom of Vijayanagar, Penukonda was the place where the kings held their courts and saw the complete kingdom and their empire fall apart prior to when the capital was shifted to Chandragiri.

As it has played a significant and pivoting role in the history of South India, it is a must visit destination and a great place for the explorers and history buffs.

Penukonda Fort Arrival

From the Kurnool – Bangalore highway, when you take a turn, the statue of Sri Krishnadevaraya, the great emperor of Vijayanagar Kingdom, welcomes and embraces you into the fortified town of Penukonda.

With a solid connections to the railways and roadways, it is exactly 79 kilometres from Anantapur. A good number of buses, taxis, etc., are always available for local drive.

Quick Tips

A good pair of trekking shoe, adequate water and energy drinks, and a couple of extra batteries for your camera are the basic things which you can pack for your trip.

Penukonda Fort Nearby Attractions

Ahobilam Temple, ISKON Temple, Anantapur Clock Tower, Veera Bhadra Temple, Bugga Ramalingeswara Swami Temple, gooty fort, Marrimanu, Rayadurg, Tadipatri, Mounagiri Hanuman Statue, etc.

Pack your stuff up if you are willing to learn more about the history of South India. Especially, if you are history buff, then get ready to explore and experience elegance of Penukonda Fort. Pack some extra pairs of clothes for the nearby attractions.