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Powai lake is an artificial lake situated in Mumbai Tourist Places, its name is derived from the Powai village that was situated in the place previously. This lake is situated in the northern suburb of the city and is considered to give the city a part of its beauty. This lake is more than 100 years old and has one of the most elite institutes Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay situated to the east end of the lake. This lake was the water supply source for Mumbai but overtime the quality of the water got degraded not meeting up to the needs of people.

Despite the condition of the water making it not suitable for swimming, it is still one of the must-visit places in Mumbai. There are rich flora and fauna with lots of mist and fog during the cold months making it perfect to click pictures in.

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Are there crocodiles in Powai Lake mumbai?

The lake has a lot of crocodiles and is said to be famous for being able to spot them, these aren’t the only animals one can find here, the can also find spot-billed duck, small blue kingfisher, white-throated kingfisher, spotted dove, brahmin kite, purple-rumped sunbirds, white browned bulbuls, peregrine falcon, woolly-necked stork and many other species of animals.

Know the history of Powai Lake

Powai valley was originally a central village, known for the presence of little huts around it was built during the ruling of the British. This lake was constructed by building two dams on either side of the Mithi River. The Maharashtra State Angling Association has been maintaining the lake from when it was formed to present. An ancient temple of Padmavati Devi was built on the bank of Powai Lake inside the IIT campus.

A program called ‘Revitalization of Powai Lake’ was started in order to help get the lake to its original phase with the use of eco-friendly measures. The NCLP was responsible for the revival of ten main lakes, Powai lake being one of them. This program by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation was launched in the year 2002 and the condition of the lake has become far better after the implementation.

Galleria which is basically the shopping hub of Powai shouldn’t be missed, it has multiple places that serve delicious food after a long day of clicking pictures for others. After a heavy meal, a little rest with a beautiful view is guaranteed at the Powai Garden, with its beautiful surroundings is a perfect way to relax with an amazing view.

Things to do around Powai Lake

Some of the things to do around Powai Lake are:

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Hakone Entertainment Centre
  • Mahakali Caves
  • All these places are very close to the lake and people can visit these or keep these places in their itinerary for their day.

How to reach Powai Lake?

There are multiple ways to reach this lake, but the fastest might be a car or a taxi which will take about 45 min without much traffic. This lake is situated very close to the airport making it easier to travel from the outskirts than from in-city. If one wishes, public transport is also an option but might take around an hour or a little bit more for the journey.

What is best time to visit Powai Lake?

This lake is best visited during the rainy season but not the monsoon or summer seasons as it might get way too humid. The best months that one could probably visit this lake is anywhere between the months of November and February. Rains aren’t the best time to visit and therefore the months June to September should be avoided.

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