Priceline buys travel startup Flyine for its Airfare Sales Tech


Prekline Earned Flynn, A travel startup whose business-to-business services help airlines sell their flights through travel agencies, Skift learned.

The companies did not disclose the terms of the contract. Headquartered in Berlin, Flynn has raised just $ 7 2.7 million (4 2.4 million) since its inception in 2015.

“This is a small acquisition that is connected to shape our flight strategy worldwide across booking holdings,” said spokesperson Leslie Coferti. Bookings Holdings, Headquartered in the US and owns other brands such as Prekline and, Kayak and Agoda.

The flyline name is lost. Priceline connects the startup’s half a dozen employees to its aircraft production and engineering teams. The team will focus on flight search, booking, payment and servicing. Priceline has campaigned for this Five engineering positions To support the enhancement of the application of technology.

“Our aircraft business remains an important strategic point in view of our connected trip across booking holdings,” said Christina Bennett, a spokeswoman for Prikline, referring to the company. Strategy Providing a full range of products along with a payment platform.

“We ate ate as it represents a growing mix of our entire business over the years to come,” Bennett said.

Supports digest airline data feeds

From 2018, Flynn will be adding aeronautical data feeds called APIs or application programming interfaces. Although airlines have been distributing some content through such interfaces for some time, this effort is new as carriers have been adopting more advanced and sophisticated methods of delivering their fares and ancillary goods over the past two years.

“With the purchase of Flynn, we will be able to use their technology to help new airline partners more effectively,” Bennett said.

According to Job Posting at Prekline, software developers work with the technology product manager to integrate a large number of aviation APIs, while achieving consistent levels of functionality and content.

In 2018, Flynn evolved from a purely business-oriented business technology company to pivot a customer search focus and help airlines Distribute their charges and auxiliaries using more advanced methods, Such as coding based on the programming language Elixir.

Flynn is one Wave of organizations, Including startups Duffel, Secretly, And ATPCO, Seeks to assist airlines with the distribution of fares

Stefan Pingad, co-founder and CEO of Flynn, became Flight Strategy, a senior director at Prekline. He declined the interview request.

The startup started in 2015 with the aspiration of becoming a customer-facing business. It attempted to develop a flight price-comparison search tool Excludes third parties Such as online travel agencies and only show charges that can be booked directly. Some airlines though Lufthansa Group, Participated, not participating enough and is hard to find to book travelers online.

Booking holdings before mergers and acquisitions were very quiet during the epidemic, but this was followed by some partnerships instead.

In March, Booking Holdings price-comparison brand Switched to the field of kayak hotel operation By opening a Miami Beach property in partnership with Startup Life House Change profile.

Photo credit: 2020 photo of the engine cover of a Lufthansa Airbus A380 at Frankfurt Airport. Lufthansa, one of the airlines that offers APIs that can be easily managed by Flynn, has just acquired the startup Pricline. Oliver Rosler / Lufthansa Group


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