Ramoji Film City | Tourist Places Spread In 1666 Acres

Ramoji Film City Hyderabad is where all the magic happens within movies. This place is pure happiness for movie fanatics and everyone else too as they get to take a look at a working day in an actor’s life. It is spread in 1666 Acres on the outskirts of Hyderabad. This place was given the title of the world’s largest film studio complex by the Guinness Book of World Records. Ramoji film city is one of the most exciting tourist places in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Things you can do in Ramoji Film City

If one wants to properly explore Ramoji Film City then it is done so best with a whole day in hand. There are different varieties of food here that is worth spending on, a point to keep in mind is that outside food isn’t allowed inside the studio and all the available food is chargeable.

Kids will have their fun considering the attractions and adventures present for them and the ones that they shouldn’t miss are:

  • Borasura which is the evil magician’s workshop whose genre is quite literally horror and people are quite surprised by how well It is done so predicting it’d be some way is just no possible as it’d definitely blow your mind off.
  • Sahas Adventure Land is Asia’s largest entertainment and adventure place and has games ranging from bungee jumping to shooting making it perfect for teenagers who are courageous or who are just quite enthusiastic to try this sport
  • Kids Park is a place assured for the kids not to get bored with all the fun rides and so many of the rides that they wouldn’t wanna leave the park-like ever
  • Movie Magic Park is for people who love movies this did almost be like a quiz to recognize which set was used for which movie and there are experiences involved that shouldn’t be left out like earthquakes, acoustic sounds and sets of other countries even
  • Wings – The Bird Park is for the kids who like birds or even admire them have this wonderland which has the most exotic birds that make beautiful chirping noises and are bright and colorful.

What are the Tourist Attractions in Ramoji Film City?

There are a lot of live shows that happen here every day here, even if one isn’t interested in the theatre they are guaranteed to like this and must check the show timings and plan their day accordingly. Ramoji Film City covers all aspects of a fun day, that’s said because it even has a lot of places to shop and that isn’t too expensive either. The timing of the place start from 9 in the morning to half-past five in the evening and therefore getting there early is the best choice as there’d be less crowd and getting to different rides and parks will be comparatively quicker.

The history lovers will have their own happy place and this is the Eureka, this is the place where a lot of history-based films are shot and it covers the majority of the Mughals time’s kingdoms replicas. After a tiring morning and afternoon one can go to the ecozone, this place is just an extremely beautiful lawn that is calm and serene, it’s peaceful to just sit here and stare at the sky.

Know Ramoji Film City Timings

It is highly recommended to visit here early in the morning i.e, when it is opened at around 9 with pre-booked tickets to avoid any hassle. While the film city is open for the shooting all day long, the visitors or tourists are allowed from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm every day in week.

What is Ramoji Film City Ticket Price?

Ramoji Film City ticket price varies based upon what you want to see inside. The Ramoji film city ticket price varies for Ramoji Tour and the Ramoji Star Experience. The ticket price is different for adults and children as well.

Ramoji Film City Ticket Price for Ramoji Tour: 1150 for Adults and 950 for Children

Ramoji Film City Ticket Price for Ramoji Star Experience: 2349 for Adults and 2149 for Children.

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