‘Real Rob’ Returning for Season 3 in 2023, Will It Be On Netflix?

Real Rob Season 3 is coming to Netflix

Real Rob – Image: Netflix

One of the earliest attempts at comedy series for Netflix Real Rob Starring Rob Schneider. It’s been four years since the second season hit in September 2017 and it has actually been reported to come back and after a few years of silence, Season 3 is back but not another two years.

The Slice of Life comedy series, which premiered in 2015, starred Rob Schneider as he navigated the globe as a Hollywood celebrity. Patricia Maya Schneider plays Jamie Liso in the series.

The second season fell at the end of 2017, which saw the guest appearance of the late Norm McDonald, but after a long hiatus, more were on the way.

Is there going to be a real Rob Season 3?

Season 3 Real Rob Information that has been in development for some time. Our Season 3 preview article was last updated in January 2019 (time goes by!) There are many instances where Rob Schneider mentioned that Real Rob will be back.

It has been dark since the January 2019 release (and there have been no tweets from Rob), so we think the show has been put on backburner.

As of Sept. 19, Rob Schneider had confirmed three things. First, Real Rob Season 3 is still going on. Second, they plan to shoot and finally, it will be released in 2023.

Will Real Rob Season 3 be on Netflix?

It is unclear whether there will be a third season on Netflix. The first two seasons were labeled worldwide as Netflix Originals, where they live exclusively.

Rob Schneider sponsored the event exclusively and was picked up by Netflix in late 2015 after it premiered at MIPCOM. Netflix actually owns the rights to most regions, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Latin America, but Unogs data indicates that Netflix has taken global rights.

With that said, Netflix itself has not announced a third season so check out this place.

Beyond Real Rob, the actor is currently set to star in Netflix’s new comedy from Kevin James, Home Team. You can also catch Schneider in some Adam Sandlers movies, including Netflix Sandy Wexler, Wrong Missy, Hobby Halloween And Ridiculous6. His 44-minute stand-up special Asia Mamma, Mexican Kids is also on Netflix worldwide.

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