Red Fort Delhi | Lal Quila Delhi 1638 year old Extraordinary Construction In India

Old monuments in India are a part of the culture, they are usually represented by these monuments which were built back in the years and Red Fort Delhi is one of them. Red fort Delhi is one of the most precious monuments in India. This is one of the must-visit places to visit in Delhi.

Red fort India represents the Mughal culture which was built back in the day by Shah Jahan, these old buildings are a mark of human curiosity too, if you love visiting old monuments with rich history then Red fort Delhi or the Lal Quila is one of them.

Rich history, great architecture, reliving the past are some things one can do visiting the Red Fort. 

Red fort Delhi

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History of Red Fort India

Red Fort which is profoundly also called the Lal Quila. It is a mark of the power which was established by the Mughal Sultanate in the year 1638. It was established by the very well-known Mughal king Shah Jahan.

Lal Quila was built after Shah Jahan decided to move his capital from Agra to Delhi so he built the Red fort to mark this event in the year 1638 and ended by the year 1648.

Before it was called Lal Quila or the Red Fort it was called the Quila-i-Mubarak which meant the blessed fort.

The stones of the red fort Delhi where famous for its appearance as they appeared red, these red stone walls were a popular architectural norm at that time.

Due to its rich history, culture and architectural normas UNESCO named the Red Fort as a heritage site in the year 2007. 

What is the Lal Quila known for? Red Fort Delhi

The red fort Delhi aka Lal Quila is known after Shah Jahan built it, now it is known for flag hoisting ceremony held by the prime minister of our country every year on August 15th, Independence day.

This ceremony first took place in the year 1947 by Jawaharlal Nehru on August 15th, to mark this day and event in the name of all the freedom fighters who gave up their lives to free India from British rule. This tradition since then is being continued till date.

Things to do at the Red Fort India

Red fort Delhi is filled with history and objects which have significance to the past events.

The red fort is surrounded by greenery which will not only leave you mesmerized but also given you a fantastic view of the whole monument. You can walk by it and click amazing pictures, the whole view is aesthetic and perfect for all you photography lovers.

A sneak-peek inside the fort is that you will find a Diwan-i-Khas which means a private hall for the audience and Diwan-i-Amn which also means hall for public audience.

You can experience the royal Mughal life in the Red fort, and there is a show held I both Hindi and English a lighting show which happens after 6PM in the evening.

Entry Fee, timings and more of Red Fort Delhi

Red fort is open from Tuesday to Sundays, Mondays being closed. It opens at 9:30am and closes at 4:30 pm, the entry fee is Rs 15 for every Indian and for foreigners it is Rs 250. They take extra Rs 25 for cam recorders. The light show is charged on weekends they are Rs80 per person and for children it gets Rs30 per person. On weekdays the light show is charged Rs60 per person and for children it gets Rs20.

Foods you should try near the Red Fort

Delhi is the capital of India and that’s why it’s well known but other than that Delhi is known for its street food. This fort is a very popular spot the street foods spread across the lane.

The Dahi Bhalla is a famous food and the most loved food in the vegetarian, Pav Bhaji, Daulat Ki Chaat, Chole Bhatture, Chole Rice, Aloo Puri, Kachori, Samosa and more.

The non vegetarian food the most loved street food, includes the mutton sheekh kebab, keema rice, paneer tikka masala, chicken tikka masala, butter chicken momos, steamed chicken momos, Chicken kebabs, Chicken Biryani, Chinese items.

The feast doesn’t end here, there is a huge spread of deserts starting from jalabi rabdi, varities of kulfis, rasmalai, shahi tukda, ras malai, rose milkshake, rose falooda with ice cream, sweet lassi, mango lassi and much more.       

What is the best time to visit the Redfort?

We all know the weather of Delhi and definitely do not want to experience the heat so the best time to go is during the months of November- March.

If you visit Redfort Delhi is a must-see, it is a lifetime experience to witness the great monument built by Shah Jahan himself. Who hasn’t heard of Shah Jahan right? Well not to brag Redfort is a place you will be excited to see also it takes a good of 2-3 hours to explore the place in depth and intake the beauty.

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